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From: Noli Custodio
To: burauenassessor@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 12:18:01 AM
Subject: ENQIRY

To Whom This May Concern,

I just want to enquire how much is the taxable amount for the property (house and lot) of the late LETECIA TUMANDAO SUPERALES since 2005 to present located at Aguadaz St, this municipality. It will be greatly appreciated if you can send us the copy of the breakdown of the taxable years which reamins unpaid from 2005 to present. This is one of the heirs of the late Mrs. Superales. Awaiting for your quick response to this.

Thank you very much.


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Local government unit centrally located in the Province of Leyte, Philippines
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8 Responses to Enquiry

  1. Good day…Yes that is the tax due assessment from Mun. Tres. Office (MTO) dated last year pa.
    We have your updated real property tax due. As of March 31, 2011; for Land the amount is Ph 2,160.40, while for the house is Ph 192.96
    all computed reckoning 2005 to present.

    Pls. pay nalang to the MTO.

    Burauen Assessor

  2. To whom may it concern,

    Good day!
    I just want to ask if a pastoral land is develop to a resort who is the authorized person to measure the area and do we need to pay that person?

    Thank you for the time spending to my inquiries.

    Hoping for your good response.


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    Dear Redaliza,

    Friar or Pastoral lands are land that was owned by the ecclesiastical organization (primarily by the Catholic Church).Historically, during the colonization of our country for more three centuries by the Spaniards, all land belongs to them until the occupation by the American in the early 1900s. But during the American occupation some of this land has been taken in the name of the American government and still at the present period some of this land still owned by the friars (church).

    Your inquiry about if pastoral land can be develop into a resort, yes, it can be develop. However, it depends in your local zoning ordinance for development of such area. If the zoning ordinance allows that, will it’s good because it’s a good indicator that your locality is economically improving.

    On your second question, the only authorized person/s who shall conduct the survey of the land is the license Geodetic Engineer. They will do the survey works which includes the measurement of the boundary of the lot, the computation of area, and so forth. Of course, in hiring for services of a surveyor, you should pay the services charges and likewise the professional fee.

    Burauen Assessor

  3. ashlyjo says:

    I would like to inquire po regarding s CLO land. Meron po 50, 638 sqm n binibenta ng buyer somewhere s Camarines Sur. Ang owner at co owner po ay deceased n pareho. Nag pagawa po daw ang anak ng DOS para ma claim ang properties at ibinenta din po ito after ward where in nagkaroon po daw ulet ng DOS between ng buyer at seller (anak ng may ari ng lupa). Sa. Ngayon po ibinebenta din ng buyer ang same properties s akin. Gusto ko lng po mlaman pwede po b nilang maibenta ang properties even ang title is nasa nme pa ng original n may ari at ang pinanghahawakan lng nila is DOS n sign ng anak ng may ari? May tight po b ang anak n ibenta ang lupa even ang title is nkapangalan p rin s parents nya? Anu ano pong mga documents ang neef kong hingin s buyer at sa nag claim n heir ng owner to mke sure n maitayranfer ito under ny nme? Dapat ko n po bang bayaran ang properties pagkatapos ma notarized ang DOAS? Maraming salamat po.

    • Dear Ashlyjo,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Lumalabas dito na pangalawang buyer ka na dito sa property na ito. Pero base sa salaysay mo meron itong “owner at co-owner” sa CLOA title, if sa title ang owner at saka co-owner ay mag spouses lang there is no problem, pero just in case na ibang personality ang co-owner medyo magkakaroon na ng kunting problema. Because the son (owner of the property) cannot sell the whole lot to the prospective buyer. You must check this in the title itself. One more thing, kung deceased na ang may ari ng lupa, it is not plainly DOS ang gagawin, it must be a “Self-Adjudication with Absolute Sale” kung iisa lang syang sibling ng parent nya. Or if madami naman sila, it must be “Extra-Judicial Settlement with Absolute Sale” na pirmado ang documento ng lahat na magkakapatid.
      Yes, puedeng ibenta ang isang property even though ito ay nasa pangalan pa ng original owner of title. But dapat hingin mo ang kanilang DOS in between the original owner to the 1st buyer, and then when you prepare the legal documents (DOS), it must indicated that this property has been acquired from the original owner based on the DOS (1st buyer).
      When buying a real property, ang dapat hingin ng buyer sa seller ay ang original duplicate copy of title, tax declarations, receipts of payment of taxes, survey plan (if available), and any documents related to that property. At ang last question mo, you should pay the seller upon perfection of the contract or after notarization. The seller will definitely demand you to pay the agreed amount.


  4. May mga katanungan po sana ako sir tungkol sa plano kung bilhin o iinstallment na agricultural lot na under sa isang kooperatiba. May mga benefeciaries po sila at isa sa mga beneficiary po ay kakilala ko,pinagbebenta nya po sa akin ang 1,200sqm na portion ng 2.7hectares po na award na po raw sa kanya. May CLOA na raw sila pero ang may hawak nung papeles ay ang kooperatiba nila. Binabayaran naman po niya ang declaration tax every year. At ang sabi po niya ay 2.7 nlng po raw yun naaward sa kanya kac raw yung ibang portion ay ibinayad na po ng Kooperatiba sa Banko. Nagpunta po ako sa DAR Office para iverify ang lot title at kung ano po ang status. Ipinakita po sa akin ang name na isa po sa beneficiary (yun kakilala ko) at naiawar pox a nung March 31, 1993 at isinulat nya po sa maliit na papel ang Name at Lot no. sabi nung employee sa DAR ay di pa po na divide ang lote so intact pa po yun lote ng isang Kooperatiba. Nagpunta po ako ng ROD at ganun din po sagot nila sa akin na intact pa po ang lote. So, Okay lng po ba n mag installment ako ng agricultural lot at contract to sell/Waiver of Rights lang ang for the meantime panghawakan ko? ano po dapat kung gawin? Di pa po kasi ako kabisado sa palakad ng pagbibili ng lote. Sana po ay matulungan nyo po ako. Maraming salamat po.

    • Dear Jesajay,
      Salamat sa pagbisita mo sa aming website. You have to check first the CLOA title na sinasabi na seller mo before po kayong mag prepare ng Contract to Sale. You can get a “certified true copy” of CLOA title sa ROD. Ito po ay importante para malaman natin kung sino-sino ang naka pangalan sa title mismo, malalaman din natin kung meron itong nga annotation of emcumbrances. Sa likod ng title nandoon ang annotation kung in case naka mortgage po ito. Since nasa kooperatiba ang original duplicate owner’s copy of title, baka ginamit po ito as collateral sa banko sa pag utang. If you found out na okay ang title, puede na po kayong mag prepare ng contract to sale. One more thing, ask also the latest tax declaration at ang corresponding reciept of payment sa real property tax or amelyar. Ang data sa tax declaration ay dapat ma-indicate sa contract to sale as references.


  5. Raf Mateo says:

    Good Day,
    I will buy a piece of land at Dona Remedios Trinidad (DRT), Bulacan, according to the sale agent there is no title yet only rights. If i will buy the land the seller and I will go to the Barangay Chairman and the barangay chairman will issue execute the deed of sale for the rights.
    My questions are
    1. What are the steps or precautions i need to take, to make sure what i am buying was not sold already to other person, or maybe it is under the reservation area of Angat Dam?
    2. do i need to hire a licensed surveyor or professional to help me? I may pay a fortune and it might not worth it.
    3. Is there a possibility that i can obtain title for the land? And what are the process i need to take so i can title the land? And how long it will take the process
    I hope you can enlighten me regarding this matter. Thank you very much in advance and good day!

    • Dear Raf,
      Thank you for visiting our website. It is a wise decision to verify first if we are going to buy a property especially land. To make it sure that all the documents are in a legal situation. The first thing you should do is to verify at the Land Management Service (previously Bureau of Lands) of DENR, check if it is classified as A & D (Alienable and Disposable) land or it is a Public Land or owned by the government. A & D lands are those land that can be owned by the private individuals and can be issued a Title. Verify also at the local assessor office if it has a tax declaration, who is the declared owner, what is the land classifications (residential, commercial or agricultural), and what is the specific area on the tax declaration.
      In the preparation of Deed of Absolute Sale it should be the lawyer who shall prepare this document. But prior to the legal document preparation, you should have already the technical description of the lot and the copy of tax declaration. This data are very important in the preparation of DOS. In order to have the technical description of the lot, you should have to hire a geodetic engineer or surveyor to do this work. If you want to check if the price is reasonable, you can hire also a licence real estate appraiser. Of course, you’ll need an additional cost for payment of professional fees for this services.
      And for your last question, if that land is already A & D, it can be issued a Title but if it is owned by the government it cannot be, unless otherwise it will be proclaimed by the President of the Philippines or to the Congress into an A & D lands. In obtaining a title it will takes several months; if it is a transfer of title you’ll need to pay first the real property taxes at your local treasurer office; payment at BIR for the Capital Gain Tax and Documentary Stamp Tax; Approved survey plan of lot by LMS-DENR; payment of transfer fee; and eventually registration of DOS document and issuance of title at Registry of Deeds. if it is an “original” issuance of title (means no title yet ever issued to that property), you can apply for new title at CENRO-DENR, there is a new law right now for issuance of original title for residential land (Free Patent for Residential), and the usual Free Patent for Agricultural lands.


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