Registration of CLOA Title

Pursuant to the Office Memorandum No.RI 08-CLOA from Provincial Assessor of Leyte and in accordance to the Assessment Manual, hereunder are the requirement/policy on CLOA Title;

1. Requirement under the Manual by analogy:

        a. Certified true copy of CLOA must be submitted or the CLOA itself signed by the DAR;

        b. Approved survey plan signed by the DENR Regional Director or a certified copy;

        c. Registration from the Register of Deeds of Deed of Sale and other alienations such as Donations,     Adjudication per Assessor’s Manual, Annex A.

2. In case this CLOA is covered by an existing tax declaration, the tax declaration shall be presented so that it can be cancelled in case this is a voluntary offer to sell by the landlord.

3. In case there is an existing tax declaration but the declarant is not the person in the CLOA, the said tax declaration shall be presented so that an annotation can be made on that tax declaration and on the tax declaration covered by the CLOA.

4. For the CLOA that are having an encumbrance showing on the face or back of the CLOA that it is not yet fully paid, the encumbrance shall also be annotated in the tax declaration issued and on the other tax declaration,  the same annoatation is made since the tax declaration with different declarant is not cancelled.

5. Exemption from taxes of CLOA transaction refers only to penalties and interest, and does not include exemption of payment of real property taxes and certification fees pursuant to an ordiance by the Provincial Government. (Local Finance Circular 1-94)

6. A certification from the Land Bank of the Philippines that the land covered by CLOA has already been paid is no longer necessary as there is already an annoatation to the encumbrance in the title itself showing that  it is not yet fully paid, which annotation should be carried over to the tax declaration.

7. These policies shall be follwed for Emancipation Patents or other titles issued by the DAR.

8. Before a new tax declaration is issued, the tax declaration reciept for the real property tax paid for 10 years under Sec.222 of RA-7160 shall be presented or a xerox copy thereof. In case it is a cancellation of old tax declaration, the current tax reciept for real property tax shall be presented or a xerox copy.

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  1. how to transfer from CLOA to a clear CTC?

    • Dear Jojit,

      First of all, thank you for log-in in our website.

      Your inquiry about how to transfer from CLOA to a clear CTC? May be it is TCT (Transfer Certificate of Title). To answer that, you must first abide the condition set by the CLOA Title which state that “that it shall not be sold, transferred or conveyed except through hereditary succession, or to the Government, or to the Land Bank of the Philippines, or to the other qualified beneficiaries for a period of ten (10) years.” You must wait first the completion on the prohibition period of ten (10) years before you can transfer the title.

      Secondly, you must submit the following documents to ROD (Registry of Deeds), as for in case of Deed of Absolute Sale document;
      1. Deed of Sale duly notarized and stamp paid from the BIR;
      2. Copy of the Original Owner’ Copy of title;
      3. As for in case of portion only of the lot, blue print of Subdivision Plan duly approved from Land Management Service (LMS-DENR);
      4. Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) issued by BIR, this is in payment for Capital Gain Tax and Documentary Stamp Tax;
      5. Tax Clearance Certificate from Local Treasurer Office, this is in relation to payment of real property taxes;
      6. Official Receipt on the payment of Transfer Fee;
      7. A copy of certified true copy of tax declaration.

      Thank you very much,
      Burauen Assessor

      • gr33nrose says:

        Hello po, merun po ako nabili lupa na pinipresent ko sa bank as collateral. It is a TCt under my name pero merun cya nakalagay na memorandum of encumbrances sa likod that states this original certificate is a CLOA..ano po ibig sabihin nun? Humhingi po kasi ang bank ng certificate from LBP na full payment. Accordingly, sabi po nila ung mother title ay cloa po pero napa subdivide na at isa po ako sa nakabili ng lupa nasa 600sqm with TCT under my name. Thank you!

      • GOOD DAY SIR,
        bumili po kami kasi ng lupa na under cloa. my deed of sale na po at nasamin na po yung orignal. pero po sabi po after 4 years pa popwede ma transfer, pwede po pa po ba gamitin yung deed of sale after 4 yrs po in case e transfer na ponmin?

      • Dear Rolly,
        Salamat sa pag bisita mo sa aming website. Ang Deed of Sale ay walang expiration at puede mo itong gamitin after 4 years during sa processing ng pag transfer mo ng owenrship sa iyo. Since, ikaw na po ang owner ng property, ikaw na rin po ang mag babayad ng annual real property taxes o amelyar. See to it na dapat bayaran mo ito, or else baka ito po ay maging deliquent sa taxes at ma-auction (subasta) ito ng government.


  2. chinita1979 says:

    Hi Sir,

    Good day to you.

    I’m planning to buy a CLOA titled agricultural land from my Aunt. She never paid anything to Land Bank nor process the TCT after it was awarded to her in 1996. Would there be a problem if she will transfer the rights to me and I will be the one to process the TCT? Is there a grace period set by DAR to obtain a TCT otherwise the land will be forfeited? Can I get a Certified True Copy of Ownership directly from Registry of Deeds because some farmers kept the original copies and are not willing to share them with us?

    My grandmother also owned a CLOA title and paid her obligations to Land Bank. The agent who is processing the TCT since 2008 is asking her to prepare around Php500,000.00. Is this legitimate and reasonable amount to complete the whole process of obtaining a TCT?

    Thank you Sir for your help and God bless you more.

    • Chinita,

      Thanks for visiting our website.
      Your inquiry is about acquiring a property with CLOA Title. Yes, your Aunt may transfer the rights to you. You will need for prepare a Deed of Conveyance (either Deed of Donation or a simple DOS) and of course you’ll also to pay to the LBP. Under CLOA title there is a prohibited period of 10 years that the property shall not be sold, but since it was awarded in 1996 it is already elapsed. Yes you can request a certified true copy (CTC) of the title at ROD. Just present the Lot No. of the property and the CLOA Title No. to them.

      The cost of 500T is too much and I believe this is not a legitimate. Seek or ask first to govt. offices like the BIR for the payment of Capital Gain Tax (if Sale), or Donor Tax (if Donation),etc.., at the ROD for registration fees and the Assessor’s Office for Real Property Taxes.
      If you have time, you can process it personally so can be able to know the actual cost for the processing of all the documents.

      Engr. R. Mandreza
      Burauen Assessor

      • chinita1979 says:

        Thank you Sir for your reply. I was told that this cloa property has lis pendens. Will it affect the processing of title? Please advise.

      • Yes, it will definitely affect the titling process. LIS PENDENS (Sec.76 of PD-1529) is a memorandum or notices stating the institution of court action or proceeding in court together with the Writ of Execution thereof and the Certificate of Title number of the affected land shall be filed and registered at the ROD. So, there must an annotation in the Title, it should be cleared first before you can proceed the processing of your documents.Verify at the court on what is the pending case of the Title.

        Engr. Mandreza
        Burauen Assessor

  3. I bought land which is CLOA title and I have an Absolute Deed of Sale and the original title in the original owners name. The problem is the previous owner says she acquired another title from the (ROD) . I have spent millions of pesos building a house and garage, also planting coconuts and soon sugar cane on the property. I have not seen the title she speaks of, but I feel threatened by what she says. Does she have a legal right to do this AFTER she already sold the land me. (I bought over 4 years ago) By the way I have processed all of the requirements listed above.
    Yours sincerely,
    Michelle Russack

    • Thanks for visiting our website.
      Since you have already the DOS and Titles, to eliminate your worries better check or verify the other title (previous owner) at ROD. You can check that documents by presenting the the LOT NO. of your CLOA title. If the previous owner saying that he/she has another title, may be it is already CANCELLED. You must verify also at the Assessor’s Office if there is an existing tax declaration of the CLOA title and also to the previous owner.
      It is advisable to process all your documents so that the ROD shall issue now your new title in your name (Transfer Certificate of Title).

      Burauen Assessor
      Engr. Mandreza

  4. Our local DAR/PARO told me when I was trying to process the CLOA land titles into my name that I could not do this because the titles are under the Agrarian Reform and cannot be sold. But on the titles it says that it cannot be sold “before ten years”. In my case the Original Owner had the land for about 16 years before he sold it to us. Title is dated 1993.
    I processed all the papers such as Tax declaration (I paid the back taxes the original owner did not pay-although he signed in front of my lawyer when I bought the land that there were no encumbrances), Capital gains tax return, Declaration of real property and also a certification from the Office of the Municipal Assessor, as well as the Office of the Provincial Assessor that declares the original owner whom we bought the land from was in fact the genuine owner. Also from the Office of the City Assessor, upon my request I have a certification for the purpose of securing ESTATE TAX CLEARANCE from the BIR. This also states that the original owner never declared that land for tax purposes. I paid the necessary fees so things would be in order. I am now abroad and have all original documents with me.
    Is there any more documents that I would need to be able to apply for a title into my name from ROD? Also what sort of title is it called then? (i.e. I want a CLEAR TORRENS title)
    Yours faithfully,
    Michelle Russack

    • If have already completed all the documentations from the Assessor’s Office, Tax Clearances from BIR, and also the important DAR Clearance (if Agricultural), submit all your documents to ROD for registration of your Deed of Conveyance (DOS) and for titling of your new Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT). I dont understand the advice from DAR that you could not process your papers, the prohibition period has already been lapsed. Ask them for the legal basis on why they cannot process or seek a lawyer for this purpose.

      Engr. Mandreza
      Burauen Assessor

  5. Just want to seek your assistance po regarding land ownership of tenants like my father.
    Nakikisaka or nakikisama po ang aking tatay. Pangalan po nya ang gamit nya sa mga ticket sa truck sa pag papatubo. Ang lupang sinasaka po ng aking tatay ay sa batangas kung saan tubo po ang pangunahing sinasaka. Ang lolo ko po, ama ng tatay ko ay meron din po sinasaka. Un nga lang po mas malaki ung sukat ng lupa ng tatay ko. Tulad ng tatay, nakpangalan sa lolo ko ang bawat transakyon sa amo namin (may ari ng lupa). 5 po ang magkakapatid ang mga tatay ko. Padalawa po sa panganay ang tatay. Ung panganay kong tito ay may sariling trabaho at ung 2 kong titia ay ganun din po. Mula po ng mamatay ang lolo ko, sa tita ko pong bunso ipinangalan ung lupang sinasaka ng lolo ko. Sa madaling salita, pangalan na ng tita ko ang ginagamit nya, Ngayon po, napagdesisyonan po ng amo namin na sukatin na po ang lupang sinasaka ng tatay at ng tiya ko at ibibgay na po sa amin ang ikatlo.
    Ano po ba ang tamang hatian? Kxe po pinagtutulung tulungan po kmi ng tito at 2 kong tita. Meron daw po silang kasulatan na nagpapatunay na ang lupang sinasaka ng tatay ko ay nkapangalan sa lolo namin kung kayat dapat daw po na pagsamahin ang lupang sinasaka ng lolo at tatay ko and then hatiin daw po sa limang magkakapatid.. ung isa ko pong tita na nasa abroad ay ndi nkikihati at ndi naman daw po sya nagpakahirap magtrabahao sa lupa. Mulat sapol po ay ang tatay ko at lolo ko lang po ang nagtrabaho and the later on ung tita ko po after mamatay ang lolo namin.
    Sa totoo lang po, wala naman po silang kasulatan na nagpapatibay. Hindi po ba ang may karapatan na magdesisyon ay ang may ari ng lupa kung kanino nya ibibigay ang hatian ta discretion na lang ng tatay at tita ko kung hahatian ung ibang kapatid sa makukuha nilang lupa? Pakiramdam po kxe namin ggawan po nila ng paraan na mahati sa lima. pag nagkataon po, nakinabang po sila pero ndi naman po sila nagtrabaho ng literal sa lupa.
    Sna po ay matulungan nyo kmi na mabigyan ng magandang payo. Itatanong ko na din po kung kanino kmi ppde lumapit. Meron na po kme nakuhang abogado. Natatakot po kxe kmi na baka gamitan nila ng lagay ung ibang opisyal ng DAR para pumanig sknila.
    Maraming Salamat po.
    Best regards,

    • Reah,

      Sorry for the late reply. With regards sa problema mo, sa ownership sa lupang sinasaka ng Lolo mo kung ibibigay na ito ng may-ari ng lupa (amo) nya (1/3 portion) it should be divided into five (5) silang mga anak ng Lolo mo. Kasi we have to follow our law, or else magiging malaking problema ito sa pamilya nyo. Pero kung in case ang may ari ng lupa ibinigay ito sa tatay mo in his name, wala ng share ang mga tito at tita mo.
      Tama pong maghanap ka nang magaling na abogado, yong lawyer na bihasa sa mga legal issue about sa lupa specially related to the agrarian reform cases. And see to it na hindi sya bias to the other party (sa mga tito at tita mo.).

      Good luck and God Bless.

      Engr. Mandreza
      Burauen Assessor

  6. Dear Sir,

    Been searching for information regarding CLOA and your blog is the answer to my questions.
    I am planning to buy a farm lot under Right but with CLOA although I am a bit doubtful about its legalities and the future problem I may encounter regarding DAR. However, based on your replies for the previous posts, it seems fine to buy CLOA from the person who has been awarded. I also realized that it is fine to process the TCT if 10 years has lapsed already.

    What are the things that I have to secure first from the owner (person awarded) to make sure that the documents I need are complete.

    Thank you so much. Your reply will truly enlighten me.

    Best regards,

    • Dear Edz,
      Sorry for the late reply, we are having internet problem right here in Leyte. Anyway for your inquiries,
      first ask from the lot owner a photo copy of the CLOA Title then verify it personally at the ROD for authenticity of the title. Verify also at the Assessor Office if the CLOA has already current tax declaration in the name of the owner. Ask also the from the Treasury Office if the real property tax are paid for the current year. And lastly, has an ocular inspection of the property if it has a tenant or improvements or verify the actual condition or boundaries of the lot. If every thing is okay, contact a lawyer to prepare for the Deed of Absolute Sale. Don’t forget from the owner to get all the documents that is related to the property that you are to going to buy especially the original copies.

      Thank you.

      Engr. Mandreza
      Burauen Assessor

  7. noybem says:

    Hello Sir,

    Magandang umaga!

    Ako po ay nagpapasalamat dahil natagpuan ko ang blog na ito.

    Sir, hingi sana ako ng payo nyo tungkol sa lupa ng father ko na naka-VOS at na approved sa taong 2002 at ang CLOA ay naka pangalan sa Uncle ko. Ang agreement (verbal only) ng father at uncle ko ay tatayo sya as DUMMY dahil ng panahon na iyon hindi pa ako sa legal na edad.

    Sa ngayon sobra na sa sampung taong ang nakalipas at gusto ng father ko na ma transfer sa name ko, pero dini-deny na ng uncle ko na DUMMY sya at gustong angkinin ang lupa. Sa kasalukuyan hindi na kami pwedeng gumalaw sa lupa dahil siya na daw ang nag mamay-ari. Masakit ito para sa father ko at sa aming mga magkakapatid lalo na’t wala kaming proof na DUMMY ang uncle ko dahil ito ay verbal agreement only.

    Ito po ang aking mga katanungan:
    1. Bilang isang orihinal na nag mamay-ari ng lupa, may karapatan pa ba ang father ko sa
    lupa kahit na ito ay already approved/awarded sa uncle ko?
    2. May paraan pa ba na pwede naming gawin para ma restore namin ang lupa?
    3. Pwede bang mag file for withdrawal ng VOS?

    Maraming salamat po!

    Lubos na Gumagalang,

    • Dear Noybem,

      Good day. Medyo complicated ang problem nyo sa lupa. Since awarded na ito sa uncle mo medyo mahihirapan na po kayong makuha ang lupang ito sa uncle mo. Unless may consensya ang uncle mo na they have a “gentlemen agreement” between ng father mo. What you would do is try to visit your local DAR office to verify who is the actual beneficiary of that land. If it is your father who is the actual beneficiary, you can now file for cancellation of title to the DARAB (Dept. of Agrarian Reform Adjudication Board). Also, consult a lawyer about your situation for legal advice.

      Engr. Mandreza
      Burauen, Leyte

  8. ailalilamu says:

    Hi Sir,

    I’m glad nakita ko ang blog nyo, ang case ko po kasi is, bumili ng lot ang parents ko nung naka abroad ako and ngayong umuwi ako ittransfer ko na po sana sa name ko kasi di pa naasikaso ng parents ko maliban sa pagbabayad ng realty tax. Nung pumunta ako sa RD para magpa annotate sana, ang sabi po sa akin doon eh hindi ko maittransfer ang title sa akin kailangan pa daw po ma “upgrade” ng title dahil CLOA(awarded 1991) lang ang hawak ko, kailangan ko daw po kumuha ng court order. Sa pagbabasa ko po dito wala ako nakita nangangailangan ng court order lalo na ang “upgrade” na tinutukoy. sana po matulungan nyo ako. Salamat

    • Dear Aila,

      Thanks for visiting our website. Your inquiry is about the transfer of real property pero ang title is CLOA. If the date of issuance of title is in 1991 it means na nag lapsed na ang prohibited period of 10 years as indicated on the face of the CLOA. Puede mo na yan ma process to transfer into your name. I presume na ang Deed of Sale ay sa pangalan mo. Kung sa parents mo napangalan pa, you would need another Deed of Conveyance before ma transfer sa iyo.

      With regards sa “upgrade” sa title, I think there is no legal basis about that. To clarify the issue I advice you to go to the DAR office, ask them what is this “upgrade”. The best thing to do now is to start the processing of your documents: Go to the Assessor’s Office request for CTC of tax declaration, certificate of no improvement; pay the rpt tax for current year, pay also the transfer fee at treasury office. Then go to BIR for the payment for Capital Gain Tax and Documentary stamp tax. Upon issuance of CAR (Cert. Authorizing Registration) by the BIR, proceed to ROD for registration of your document and issuance of new title. But prior to that you would need the DAR Clearance because it is classified as agricultural land that is subject to such clearance. And dont forget if you have already the title (in your name), you still shall to go to the Assessor’s Office for the transfer of Tax Declaration into your name.

      Engr. Mandreza

  9. Gud day sir, nakabili ako ng portion sa isang CLOA na land pero hindi pa lumagpas ng sampung taon ang pag grant nito. Ang worry ko po is baka biglang mamatay yung owner baka wala na akong habol sa lupa since yung mga heirs niya ang magti take over sa lupa. Ano kaya ang gagawin ko sa situation na ito?Thank you in advance sir

    • Mark,

      Thanks for visiting our website. Under CLOA title, there are prohibition period that the property should not be sold with in 10 years. Because of that hindi ka makapag-process sa pag trasnfer of title into your name. Naturally, malaking problema kung ang original owner ay mawala na, and the heirs will automatically possessed the property. What you should do is to have an annotation sa nabili mong lupa. Dalhin mo ang DOS together with the “Original Owner’s Copy” of the title to ROD for annotation of your legal claim (portion only). Kung annotated na sa title ang nabili mong lupa, wala nang makaka-claim na iba even sa mga heirs sa nabilhan mong lupa.

      Burauen Assessor

      • Rex Ono says:

        Based on the law isn’t it that one cannot sell the property before the 10 years has elapsed? Can it even be annotated and uphold in court if anyone questions its validity since it was purchased before the 10 years elapsed and technically the contract is invalid? I’m just wondering cause I am faced with the same question.

      • Dear Rex,
        Thanks for visiting our website. Sorry for the late reply, we’re having problem in our internet connection just after the Yolanda. With regards to your question, Yes,based on the prohibition on the CLOA title the property is cannot be sold within the 10 years period. First of all, the ROD will not annotate the sale on the title because of this restriction/prohibition. If somebody question the validity of the DOS, yes it will definitely invalidate such contract. My suggestion is since your deed of conveyance (DOS) has already been legalized (means notarized), you should ask to the seller of the property to have another contract in replacement of the first, because of this predicament. Then do not yet have it notarize until the elapse of prohibition period. In this case you are safe, and no one can question that.

  10. Salamat po at may ganitong site napakalaking tulong po nito sa amin patungkol po sa CLOA.
    May lupa po kami sa probinsya nakapangalan sa lolo ko ang amilyar,nakafile po sa RD since April 1990 ang Extra-judicial settlement of unregistered land with waiver of right ni lola (para po sa apat na anak nya kabilang po ang nanay ko), mayroon din po approved advance plan of lots file 1984, bayad po estae tax at may affidavit of publication din pero di po natapos mapatitulo ng nanay ko dahil namatay po sya at hindi po napagpatuloy.
    Anim po kami magkakapatid at isa po sa kapatid ko ay nakatira sa probinsya nalaman na lang po namin na nagkaroon na ng titulo ang lupa namin under CLOA(et al po sa mga kapatid ni nanay) kaya lang po ang parte ni nanay ay napangalan sa kapatid ko na nakatira sa probinsya. Ang CLOA po ay year 2000 at nais po namin magkakapatid na makuha na po ang aming parte sa lupa? Sabi po sa DAR sa Quezon City ay maari namin transfer dahil sa amin naman ang lupa pero ang MARO at PARO po ay gusto po ay CLOA pa rin pag individual at intay na naman kami ng 10 years bago namin pwede mailipat sa amin magkakapatid. Magkaiba po ang sinasabi ng MARO ay PARO sa probinsya at DAR sa quezon city. Ano po ang dapat naming gawin?

    • Good day Adela,
      Salamat po for visiting our website. First of all, yung mga documents nyo na nakafile sa ROD since 1990 ay medyo wala nang bisa because nagkaroon na nang title ang property under CLOA, and still in the name of her siblings which include ang nanay mo but represented sa kapatid mo. You can get nalang all the documents at ROD for your at least personal copy na lang. Baka magamit pa yan in the future. With regards to your inquiry, since wala na ang nanay mo, you can directly transfer the title to you and of course to your mga kapatid.You should prepare legal document para ma-transfer sa inyo, the document is either Extra-Judicial Partitions among sa nanay (represented sa kapatid mo) mo at kapatid nya, or you can prepare an Adjudication document na kinukuha nyo ang share nang nanay mo. To do this, you will need a lawyer. If you have already the document, you can now start the process by paying the RPT tax, Estate tax at BIR, approved subdivision plan, etc. .and then the registration of the Deed of Conveyance and the issuance TCT at ROD. By the way, in transferring of title you’ll need the original duplicate copy of title.There is no need anymore to wait for 10 years kasi directly to be transfer naman sa inyo. Dont you worry sa mga opinion nang MARO and PARO,as long as you follow the legal process sa mga documents mo.

      Burauen Assessor

  11. Hi Sir,

    magandang araw po!
    gusto ko po malaman kung safe po ba ung binenta sakin na kapirasong lote under c.l.o.a.
    1,600sq. m po ung buong lupa,
    binenta po saken ung 400sq.m. at gumawa lng po kami nang kasulatan at ipina notaryo sa abugado.
    – sapat na po ba ang kasulatan na hawak ko?
    – pwede po ba mailipat sa name ko ung lote para hiwalay ang pagbayad sa land bank?
    -anu-anu po ba ang mga dapat gawin para malipat sa pangalan ko ung 400sq. m na nabili ko?
    * more than 10yrs. na po awarded sa kanila ung c.l.o.a ,
    *he never paid anything to Land Bank nor
    process the TCT after it was awarded to him.

    sana po mapaliwanagan nyo ako.

    maraming salamat po.

    • Dear Melvin,

      Thanks for visiting our website. With regards to buying a real property, the most important thing is dapat you have the legal document. It means a deed of conveyance, in this case Deed of Absolute Sale na naka-notarized. In your case, don’t you worry because you have the necessary legal papers. With regards to payment to Land Bank hindi puede pa ma-segregate ang 400 sq.m. na nabili mo unless you are fully-paid sa Land Bank. Since you want to separate sa nabili mo ikaw ang magbabayad lahat sa Land Bank. Sa pag transfer of property ito ang dapat gawin mo; a.) The DOS should be registered at ROD; b.) Approved subdivision plan (by LMS-DENR), because portion lang ang nabili mo. You will hire a geodetic engineer or surveyor for this; c. Pay the Capital Gain Tax, DST at BIR; d.) Get tax clearance from your local treasurer; e.) Pay the transfer fee at the local tresurer; f.) Get certified copies of tax declaration, and certificate of no improvement at the local assessor; g.) Pay the registration fee at ROD; and DAR Clearance if the property is classified as agricultural land.

      Burauen Assessor

  12. Ai-yen Somar says:

    hi sir,

    good day sir! this blog really is a big help.

    i have a concern that ill refer to you below.

    i am presently processing the requirements for DAR clearance which is needed for transfer of title of the CLOA awarded parcel of land to my father’s name. one requirement is the income tax return of the vendee. in this case, may father had already retired since 1995 and thus, does not have an income tax return. ano po ba ang pwedeng replacement kung walang income tax return ang vendee (my father in this case).

    the CLOA was awarded last 2001 and the Deed of Sale was notarized last 2003 and the CAR was already issued. will this DEED of SALE still enforceable considering na hindi umabot ng 10 years prohibition pero nabili na ng father ko ang pupa?

    thanks a lot po.

    • Dear Ai-yen,

      Good day and thanks for visiting our website. Your concern is all about the CLOA title and the prohibition of it. For your first concern is the DAR requirement about the income tax return of your father which is the vendee. I believe the income tax return is not one of the requirement in getting the DAR clearance. The ITR is only requirement in BIR because of the TIN which is needed in payment of capital gain tax at that office (BIR). For what purpose of the ITR is in requirement at DAR. The concern only of DAR is for issuance of clearance certificate is that the property owner has not exceed the land ownership of more than 5 hectares. Ask them (the DAR) on the legal basis for the requirement of ITR. And the last concern is the prohibition of 10 years; in this case the notarization is within the prohibition period, medyo you have a problem on this. In your submission of documents to ROD, your DOS will not be accepted even though that you have already the CAR. It cannot be used as primary documents in transferring the ownership, because it will violate the provision in the CLOA. What you should do is to prepare another DOS (just copy the original DOS) and then have it notarized this year (2014). For this, the period has already lapsed of 10 years.

      Burauen Assessor

  13. hello sir good day!!! tanong lang po ako kasi meron sana kming lupa na bibilhin kaso cloa sya ,ano ano po ba ang dapat naming unahing gawin para makuhaan sya ng legal papers,un mayhawak po nyan ngaun ay sabi nya po award daw iyon sa kanila…maitanong ko po kailangan po bago naming sya bilhin may papers na hawak un may ari o kami na pupunta sa cloa mismo.slamat po

    • Dear Melyn’

      Just read two posts or emails today and thank you for visiting our website. CLOA ay titulo na issued by the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR). Ito ay isang title sa lupa na inaward specially para sa mga tenant na wala pang lupa. Ito ay isang programa sa agriculture sa panahon pa ni Presidenting Marcos. Para sa mga katanungan mo before bilhin mo ang lupa, you have to verify first the following; First, ask a photocopy of the CLOA Title from the owner, have it verify at the Registry of Deeds (ROD) for the authenticity and other annotation; Second, ask sa may ari ng lupa kung bayad na ba ito sa Land Bank, kung bayad na get all the receipts, kung wala pa verify at your local Land Bank kung magkano pa ang outstanding balance; Third, verify also at your local Assessor’s Office kung may tax declaration na ito, at the same e-verify din kung bayad na po ito sa mga annual buwis sa local treasurer’s office; and the last is you should visit or you should go to where is the property is. Tingnan mo ang lugar kung wala po itong problema na property especially to the adjoining boundaries. Kung okay na po itong lahat, you can contact a lawyer para gumawa ng legal na documento o Deed of Absolute Sale (DOS). Please take note na ang CLOA ay may 10 years na prohibition period na hindi ito ay puede maibenta.

      Burauen Assessor

  14. good day po!
    tanong ko lang po sana kung sapat lang ang sinisingil ng processor sa binibili namin lupa. ang case po ng lupa ay CLOA pero above ten years na. dalawa yung titulo nila so kailangan pa cancel ung isa. eto po ang sinabi gastos.
    upgrading CLOA to TCT – 35,000
    BIR- 6,000
    Register to ROD- 5,000
    survey- 6500
    cancellation – 2000

    • Dear Jordan,
      Thanks also for visiting our website. Your inquiry ay about sa processing of documents for new title (TCT) kung sapat ba ang sinisingil ng processor (aka: Fixer). Actually in our office deni-discourage namin ang amin mga real property owner/tax payer na hindi kumuha ng fixer, dahil tataga-in lang kayo sa singil nila. Usually it is more than twice ang singil nila kaysa kayo na mismong personal na magprocess. Very simple lang ang pagprocess ng mga dokomento, ganito lang ang gawin mo; Ang una mong pupuntahang office ay ang Assessor/Treasury Office- pay the RPT tax, get CTC of tax declaration, certificate of no improvement; Pangalawa sa BIR- kung DOS ang dokumento mo you must pay the Capital Gain Tax (6%), Documentary Stamp Tax (1.5%). The basis for the computation ay basi sa amount sa DOS, sa Market Value sa tax declaration at sa Zonal Value ng BIR which ever is the highest; at kung ExtraJudicial Settlement with Sale ang dokumento mo babayaran mo naman ang Estate Tax. If tapos na kayo sa BIR bibigyan kayo ng CAR (Certificate Authorizing Registration), then after this pupunta kayo sa ROD (Regsitry of Deeds) for registration sa mga documents mo at issuance of title. With regards sa survey, it depends kung ano ang gusto mong ipagawa sa surveyor; relocation survey (masmababa ang price nito); approved subdivision plan/survey (price is Ph 8000-up per lot depende sa layo).
      Basi sa ibinigay mong data (price), talagang mataas. My advice better ikaw na mismo ang mag process.

  15. Good Day po sir!
    Ask ko lang po kung yung may ari ng CLOA ay matandang dalaga. Then may pamangkin sya inalagaan at ngaun sya ang nagbibigay ng tulong sa kanya. Gusto nya ipamana sa pamangkin yung lupa kaso 5 years pa lang simula ng award sa kanya yung CLOA. Yung lupa na ipapamana nya sa pamangkin ay kailangan hatiin pa sa 2 kasi ibinenta na yung isang lote pero di naman malipat kasi nga under ng CLOA. ngaun masasakitin na yung mayari. Gusto na ipamana sa pamangkin kasi madami sya kapatid at iba pamangkin na maari magmana. ngunit yung bata na lumaki sa kanya at ngsusuporta ang gusto nya pamanahan. Ano po ba dapat nya gawin. Maraming salamat po.

    • Dear Jeffrie,
      Salamat sa pagbisita mo sa amin website. Ang tanong mo kung ano ang gagawin sa may ari ng lupa o sino ba ang kanyang pagpapamanahan? Actually Jeffrie, it is the discretion of the property owner kung sino ang kanyang gustong bigyan ng lupa. In this case na meron nag aalaga sa kanya, ang gusto nya sa pamangking na nag aalaga sa kanya. So, ano ang dapat gawin. Dapat gumawa kayo ng Deed of Donation na ang lakahating parte ay ibinibigay sa pamangkin nya. For this, mag konsulta kayo ng abogado para maprepare ang mga legal documents.


  16. Vima Pasaylo says:

    Hi. I am glad I found this website. I am really lost and need your expertise. My grandparents owned four parcels of land that we have inherited. My grandparents were in possession of the properties until they passed away. To present, my mom and her siblings are still in possession of the property. We have been consistently paying the yearly taxes and the tax declarations are in my grandfather’s name. I recently looked into the the tiles of the said prperties and I was shocked to find that my grandparents’ titles were cancelled and that a CLOA TCT was issued in 1994 to another person we do not even know. I did my readings online and I am under the imoression that this was a DAR issuance. How was this posible? How is DAr able to arbitrarily award the hard earned properties of my grandparents without properly compensating them! In case you are curious, We have not received a single centavo from DAR/Land Bank of the Philippines. How do we go with the restoration, if posible, of the original title? Ishis even viable. It has been 20 years since the issuance of the CLOA TCT. I need this resolved but I do not know how. really hoping for your advise.

    • Dear Vima,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Yes, your correct if it is CLOA title it is issued by the DAR. The issuance of CLOA title is by the virtue of PD-27, it is a law during the Marcos time which is the emancipation of farmers (for those tilling the land that they are not owned). It is awarded to them. There are several amendments already of this law and with the present regulations of the DAR, the owner of the land is authorized only to have 5 hectares, while their sibling is 3 hectares each only.

      I believe the DAR has sent to your grandparents or administrator of your property a “notice of coverage”. This documents is the formal letter from the DAR informing that the landholdings of your grandparents has been subject for coverage. In the process, your grandparents should therefore apply for “retention of the property”. Since it is long time ago of the issuance of the title, you’re real have a problem on this. My advice is, you should hire/consult a lawyer to file for the annulment of the titles at the DARAB. But prior to this, you should get first important documents such as Tax Declarations, receipts of the payment real property taxes, and certified true copies of titles issued by DAR. You can get a copies of the CLOA titles at ROD, and request also of that office all the transfer/attachment documents prior to issuance of titles. They have all the files and this very important documents, with this, you would be able to know on why it is awarded to other persons and this would be the basis for filing for petition for annulment of title. And lastly, if you have already the documents, make a formal request/inquiry to the Land Bank if they have already released the compensatory amount of the property and who is the beneficiaries.


  17. Show Room says:

    gud pm po….happy po ako at nahanap ko ung blog site nyo nato….
    mag ask lang po sana ako ng some info
    im ariel…may nabili po kasi kaming lot na under cloa title pero na i award po sa kanila ay nung 1986..agricultural po xa… ngayon.sabi po kasi saming nung tenant na wala na daw po kaming aalahanin sa land bank gawa ng ung nabili po naming portion ng lote nila ay bayad na po sa land bank..un lang daw po na portion ang binayaran nila sa land bank..may pinakita din po silang receipt samin.ang lote po kasi nila ay 4000sq meter…ay binenta po samin ay ung 500 sq meter…tama po bang wala na kaming iicipin pa sa land bank?hindi po ba kami magkakaproblema sa landbank?pwede po ba namin ma pa tituluhan sa name namin ung portion ng lote na nabili namin?ano ano po ba dapat naming gawin…deed of sale…notarized…lang po ang documents na hawak ko at kasulatan sa baranggay..sana po mapaliwanagan nyo po ako…
    thankyou po…god bless

    • Dear Ariel,
      Salamat po sa pagbisita mo sa aming website. Meron ka pangpag-iisipan dahil ang hawak mo lang mga documents ay ang DOS at sa brgy. You still need na iparehistro ang DOS mo sa Registry of Deeds. To do that, first you have to check sa Land Bank kung totoo bang ok na ang mga payment doon. Request for certification na fully paid na sila. Then pumunta ka sa local assessor nyo,magpa compute ka sa realty tax at bayaran mo sa treasury office. Humingi ka sa kanila ng mga tax clearnces. Secondly, go to BIR para bayaran mo ang Capital Gain Tax at Documentary Stamp Tax, after this pupunta kana sa Registry of Deeds (ROD) for registration sa DOS mo. But, prior to this kailangan mag pa survey ka sa nabili mong 500 sq.m. Dahil portion lang ito at ang pangalan sa survey mo ay “Approved Subdivision Plan” with approval sa Land Management Service (LMS-DERN). Kung ok na ang lahat (it means meron ka nang title in your name), babalik ka pa sa Assessor Office para naman magpagawa ka nang iyong tax declaration. Then be reminded na you have an obligation to pay your annual real property tax.

      Burauen Assessor

      • Show Room says:

        thanks po sa reply nyo…..
        pwede po ba kaming magbayad kahit saang branch ng mga assesor at bir?kasi ung lote ay sa silang…pero mlapit lang po kami sa sta rosa at merun din po mga branch don…nalito lang po ako sir,…ung tungkol po sa survey…kanino po ba kami lalapit para sa pagpapasurvey?anong sangay po ng ahensya?at may isa pa po akong concern…ung lupa po kasi na un ay ilang hectares na hinati hati sa mga tenant…tapos ung isa pong tenant ay nagbenta samin nung portion na 500 sq meter…nagyon po nagpunta po kami sa Registry of deeds at ang sabi po samin ay may pending case po ung cloa title na un gawa ng hinahabol po un ng apo nung dating may ari…pero nakalagay po sa binigay samin duon ay Transfer Certificate of Title….tapos dumerecho po kami ng DAR ng trece matirez….pinakita namin sa legal counsel ng DAR ung hawak namin papeles na binigay ng ROD…sabi samin wala naman daw pong problema duon gawa ng naka transfer na daw ung title…nalito po kami sa sagot ng ROD at ang ROD sabi may pending case at ang DAR naman ay ok naman daw walang problema..hinge lang po ako ng opinyon sa inyo…
        maraming salamat po…..

      • In reply to your mga tanong: Ang pag bayad ng real property tax ay hindi puede kahit saan lang. Dapat doon ka mismo kung saan lugar ang lupa mong na-erehistro sa Assessor. For example, kung sa Silang ang location ng lupa mo doon ka magbabayad ng buwis. One more thing, ang Assessor ay hindi doon nagbabayad ng buwis, sila lang ang nag-cocompute sa assessed value ng property. Sa Treasury Office ka magbabayad dahil sila ang may legal authority to collect and accept payment sa realty taxes. Sa BIR payment naman, doon din po sa sa malapit na BIR Office kung saan ang location ng lupa mo.But it is usually sa BIR sa City’s or sa kanilang regional office. But, try lang to ask sa local BIR ninyo kung they will compute and accept payment. With regards to survey works, maghahanap ka nang “private surveyor” or “Geodetic Engineer” para mag conduct ng subdivision survey. Ang pangalan sa survey plan as “Approved Subdivision Plan” na permado ng surveyor at approved ng Land Management Service (LMS) ng DENR. Magbabayad ka lang sa surveyor at sila na lang ang bahalang magsubsubmit sa LMS-DENR for approval. After that, request a copies (blue print) of the approved survey plan.
        With regards sa last question mo, medyo magkakaproblema ka dito if kung totoong may pending case ang CLOAng naibenta sa iyo. Dahil kung may pending case, hindi ka makakapag transfer sa nabili mong lupa until such time na maresolve positively (in favor to the CLOA owner) ang result sa court decision. You have to ask again or verify at ROD, kung saan court na file yong case; ask din po kung may adverse claim na nafile sa ROD, if they have, ask for a copy; verify also sa kanila (ROD) kung may annotation sa original CLOA Title. Parte naman sa sinabi ng DAR, “na walang problema na daw dahil ito ay natransfer na yung title”. It means na ang title ay naitransfer na sa beneficial owner based on DAR law. So, they have legal documents to support the issuance of title. Pero, it does not meant that no one na mag keclaim or mag pafile ng case to claim a certain share of that property, as for in this case ang isang apo. I beleive that if meron talagang pending case, ang DAR ay tatawagin ng courte and defend the issuance of CLOA title, dahil ang DAR naman ang nagbigay sa title na ito. So, upon gathering of all the information, dapat mag consult ka ng lawyer or counsel, para he will advice you on the legal matters so that your rights on that property is protected especially the financial aspect.


  18. hello salamat nahanap ko ang blog nyo.may itanong po ako ? ito ang probelma po ng kapatid ko binigyan na sya ng certificate of title from cloa ,since year 2000 at ngayon ang may ari ng lupa gusto nya ibenta ulit sa kapatid ko.paano na naka umpisa bayad na po ang kapatid ko sa land bank and taxes since na award sa kanya ang lupa puide pa ba ng may ari yan makuha nya ang land nya sa brother ko .actually ang lupa yan nerented ng ama namin sa may ari noong 1970 at namatay ang father nmin at nong year 2000 na award sa brother ko po ang lupa .pero bakit ibenta pa ulit ng may ari sa brother ko ang lupa .my papers na po ang brother ko galing ng cloa since year 2000 na sa kanya na po ang land transfer of title. so maibinta pa ulit ng may ari ang lupa na iyan sa brother ko or sa ibang tao?

    • Dear Ivan,
      Salamat sa pag bisita mo sa aming website. Maraming cases na naganito rin ang mga problema regarding sa mga CLOA. Ang ClOA or Certificate of Land Ownership Award ay isang titulo ng lupa na issued by the DAR in accordance to CARP Law. Ang mga beneficiaries nito ay ang farmers (tenants) na walang pang lupa. So, in your case dahil ang Tatay mo ay nagrerent lang, he is awarded to this through your kapatid. It means na kayo na ang may ari nitong lupa, hindi na yong original na may-ari. Hindi na ito puedeng ibenta ng may-ari. In short, wala na siyang “rights”sa lupang ito. One more thing, kung ma-fully paid na ang bayad nyo sa Land Bank, ask or request them a certificate na fully paid na kayo. Also, ask the Land Bank also kung nabayaran na ba nila ang original owner, and ask a certificate na nabayaran na nila ang original owner.


  19. maraming salamat po sa inyong respond.may itanong po ulit ako sana ,ang kaso po ay sa likod ng cloa ng kapatid ko my nakasama na isang tao pero mula noon hindi sya naka pag work dyan sa lupa at pero binigyan sya ng pangalan at mula noon ang kapatid ko po ang nag bayad sa land bank at sa land tax since. paano po ba may kapangyarihan po ba sya or ang mrs nya or anak makuha nya ang lupa na wala naman sila nag trabaho since .ano po ba ang gagawin po ng brother ko po kasi ang brother ko po ang nag work since sa lupa na yan na binigay sa tao nang pangalan at yong tao yan lumayo po .at alam nya po na indi sya naka tira noon at nakapag trabaho sa lupa na iyan so ano po ang dapat gawin po ng kapatid ko po. maraming salamat po

    • Dear Ivan,
      Good day….So, lumalabas na hindi lang ang brother ang may-ari ng lupa. It means na “joint ownership” ang CLOAng ibinigay sa kanila. With regards to the Mrs. o mga anak sa co-owner ng lupa, sila ay may “rights” o ang sinasabing mong may kapangyarihayan sila sa share ng lupa, even though hindi sila nagtratrabaho o nagbabayad sa taxes ng lupa. They are the direct heirs sa lupang iyan. So, para maging sulo na lang ng brother mo ang lupa, dapat kausapin nya ang kanyang ka co-owner at dapat mag execute ng waiver (affidavit) na he’s waiving his rights to the property para sa brother mo. In that way, meron na syang documentong nagpapatunay na siya na ang may-ari sa boung lupa.


  20. once again maraming salamat po sa iyong respond ,may sulat po ang tao na indi daw sya intersado sa lupa at binigay po sa isang tao ang lupa sa case po ng sulat walang notary ng ng lawyer nga binigay nya sa tao ano po ang gagawin ng kapatid ko 3 hec din po yon so indi na makuha ng kapatid ko po ang bayad sa land bank at taxes po maraming salamat

    • Dear Ivan,
      So, kung ibinigay nya sa ibang tao ang kanyang share, it is the discretion nya as the co-owner per CLOA title. Ang problema lang ang sulat ay hindi pa ito notarized, medyo hindi pa ito proof na naconvey na ang property sa ibang tao. Suppose to be dapat “Deed of Donation” at saka notaized by the lawyer. Kung gusto ng brother mo na makuha ang 3 hec. na lupa, ang dapat gawin nya ay kausapin nalang nya ang binigyan ng lupa (the 3rd person) at saka bilhin nya ito, kung papayag or kung hindi naman papayag wala syang magagawa. With regards to taxes, hindi na puedeng ma refund ang nabayad nya including the payment sa Land Bank.


  21. thank you so much for your help god bless you

  22. dear sir madam,may tanong po sana ako yong pamangkin ko po wala naman pangalan naka lagay sa cloa pero noong 2004 pinabayad kmi ng land bank kasi naka lagay daw ang pamangkin ko sa cloa pero itong weeks my nag punta sa amin [ DAR ]at hinahanap ang lot kasi sabi daw ng DAR indi daw binayaran ng landbank yong may ari ng lupa noon kasi bata pa daw yong naka pangalan sa pag measure ng lupa isang araw pumunta ang taga DAR at sabi ng DAR sa kapatid ko indi daw binayaran ng landbank yong may ari ng lupa kasi bata pa daw noon yong pamangkin ko .at bakit alam pala ng DAR namaliit pa ang bata noon at hindi nila sinabi sa amin ng totoo ngayon lang namin nalaman kong hindi sila pumunta sa amin at sinabihan kmi na ganoon .kong hindi kami panay sabi ng may ari nga ibinta nila ang lupa.hindi namin alam kasi ang alam namin ay bakit tinanggap noon ng[ banko] land bank ang bayad at ang land tax kong indi pala na bayaran ng landbank ang may ari .sa pinakatagal tagal na panahon ngayon lang nalaman ano ang kalagayan ng pamangkin ko ngayon.makuha ba ng may ari ang lupa sa pamangkin ko kasi ang alam namin bakit may pangalan ang pamangkin ko sa landbank at indi nalakip sa cloa .pero kapag nabayadan na daw ng landbank ang may ari malagay na daw ang pangalan ng pamangkin ko sa cloa.please help

    • Dear Daithi,

      Good day at thanks sa pag visit mo sa website namin. Your inquiry is about the payment of beneficiary of CLOA to the Land Bank. CLOA or Certificate of Land Ownership Award ay issued ito ng DAR, ang mga beneficiary nito ay mga farmers na walang lupa, especially those farmers na mga tenants. Suppose to be dapat hindi muna kayo nagbayad sa LB unless na sure kayo na meron kayong hinahawakan documents (like CLOA) indicated the beneficiary of your family. If hindi ito binayaran ng LB ang lot owner, it is possibly na ibigay ito sa ibang qualified beneficiary. Ang mabuting gawin nyo ay pumunta kayo sa inyong local DAR office, ask for assistance on what to do na para maibigay ang lupa sa inyong family, may be kung mga bata pa sila, ay sa ibang qualified person sa family nalang ipangalan. Also verify and secure a copy of CLOA at the Register of Deeds (ROD) in your locality, kung ano ang mga details sa title (CLOA), baka naibigay na ito sa ibang tao. Lastly, for the mean time huwag muna kayong magbayad sa Land Bank kung wala kayong hinahawakan CLOA title mismo. Masasayang lang ang bayad nyo, at saka hindi na ito puedeng marefund.


  23. We have a problem. Our problem is.
    We are the sons and daughters of our parents why is it that we are not stated as one of the beneficiary of our Land in the CLOA? CLOA was being made and issued Nov. 2011.
    RM Rafols

    • Dear Rafols,
      Thank you for visiting our website. You query is all about the beneficiary of CLOA. Under the CRAP law, only those “direct” beneficiary shall annotated in the CLOA title. As for in this case, your parents, it does not anymore includes the siblings. So, don’t you worry about this because as sons and daughters of your parents you have the right as ‘direct and compulsory heirs” of your parents of that real property you mentioned.


  24. Good day po sir, Meron po akong gustong malaman tungkol sa pagpalipat ng CLOA title sa TCT title sa pangalan naming mag asawa. Nakabili po kami ng lupa 2 years ago with CLOA title awarded last 1992, Nung nagpunta po sa local DAR office ang aking asawa para lakarin ang transfer ng titulo ng lupa na isalin sa pangalan namin sinabihan po siya ng empleyado doon na dapat daw ay i annotate muna ng original na benificiary ng lupa yung CLOA title sa pangalan niya o sa madaling sabi pagawan muna niya ng TCT. Pagkatapos po maproseso yung bagong TCT ay bibilang pa po kami ng 10 taon bago naman mailipat sa amin yung TCT provided na meron kaming Deed of Conveyance (Meron na po kaming DOS and Extra Judicial Settlement at pirmado na po ng bawat panig).
    Bakit po kailangan na ipangalan ulit sa dating may ari yung pagpa annotate ng CLOA title samantalang nabili na namin ang lupa? Pwede po ba na sa amin na derektang ipangalan yung titulo ng lupa gayong nabili na namin yun? Saka pinapagbabayad po ang asawa ko ng 19K bilang interest daw kasi hinde nagbayad sa DAR yung dating may ari pero binayaran nila yung mga buwis simula ng i award sa kanila yung lupa. Kailangan pa po ba na bumilang kami ng10 taon simula ng ma annotate yung titulo ay doon pa lang pwede namin ipalipat ang bagong TCT. Hinde ko po alam kung tama po ang sinasabi ng DAR sa aking asawa. Papano po kung hinde naka rehistro sa ROD ang lupang nabili namin pero may CLOA title sya, valid pa rin po ba ang titulo ng dating benificiary?

    Sana po ay matulungan ninyo ako at malaman ko kung tama ang sinasabi ng taga DAR as aking asawa ang kung ano po ang dapat kong gawin.

    Maraming salamat po.


    • Dear Dongming,
      Salamat sa pagbisita mo sa aming website. Yong lupa mong nabili with CLOA title ay awarded na since 1992, it is means na ngalapsed na yong 10 year prohibited period. it is also means na you can process na sa mga documents para sa pangalan ninyo. You have already the DOS and Extra-Judicial Settlement, there is no need anymore ipa-annotate yong mga original na benefeciary sa titulo. Dapat sa inyong pangalan na ang mailagay sa titulo which ay TCT na ito. With regards sa payment ng buwis, ask them sa mga resibo or other documents to support na totoo silang nag bayad, the you have to verify it either sa local treasury office ninyo o sa Assessor office. Ask them also a copy of the tax declaration of that property.

      Your last question ay papaano kung hindi rehistrado ang CLOA sa ROD? Medyo may problema ka kung ang nabili mong lupa na may CLOA title na hindi pa po ito registered. Maraming goverment agencies ang gumawa ng mga “TITULO”, isa na dyan ang DAR, ang DENR, at saka ang Court mismo. Pero lahat ng mga title ay dapat rehistrado sa Registered of Deeds. Yong title na hindi pa rehistrado sa ROD naturrally hindi ito valid. Ang original title ay dapat munang dalhin sa ROD for registration. Malalaman mo yong title na rehistrado dahil meron mga initial and signture of the ROD Officer. To make it sure dapat you have to validate or verify the authenticity of that title sa ROD office mismo.


  25. Jit Team says:

    Good day…what if seller (grantee) of land only have CLT since 1996…and said land was used to pay for debts made by the grantee…. and he (grantee) did not pay for anything at all to get the CLOA? All docs will be filed only now, do we still need to wait for another 10 years? before we can have the CLOA changed to TCT and it be transferred to our name? Or does the 10 years starts on the day he gets the CLT? If CLOA cannot be used or transferred to another person for 10 years? and we agree to his terms to have the said land as his paymenty…What if the grantee dies (hwag naman sana) before the 10 years is over? That would mean contract made to use the CLT (Land) as payment for his debt is forfeited or be considered null and void? I assume that if that happens the said land (CLT) would be transferred to is immediate heir.

    • Jit Team says:

      Good day it is me again, thank you so much for your blog, it is very informative. Such a big help for us novice in real estate.

      I have additional question though, can a CLOA grantee issue another CLOA to a buyer? Though base from this blog and your answer to all questions here, I guess not, since as you have said, “CLOA is given by the governement to tenants (farmers) who till land that is not theirs”. Dit I get it right? I just need to hear from an expert like you that what the grantee is offering would be sort of a fraudulent transaction. The CLOA holder suggested that he will issue another CLOA (as payment for his debt) in our name in exchange for the CLOA that he is holding. By the way, found out that the grantee have the CLOA since 1996 guess 10years prescriptive period is out of the question here.

      So what he wants is cancel his CLOA and issue another CLOA on our behalf. Which from the looks of it is not legal since we are not farmers and did not till the land in question. We suggested that have the CLOA changed to a TCT on his (grantees) name and once TCT on his (grantee) name is available that is the time transfer the TCT on our name. Is there a shorter way than this? Can a TCT be issued to us even if CLOA is not in our name?

      Another thing, we will get only a portion of the land, “Approved Subd plan” is duly signed by LMS-DENR.

      sorry for the long vent and lotsa of questions here.

      I want to do everything myself and do not want to make use of the Grantees help anymore, here are the only documents that I am holding right now.
      1. Deed of sale
      2. Approved Subdivision Plan

      From here don’t know where to go, the grantee referred me to someone who could help us, but he suggested (same as grantee) that CLOA will be issued on our name. Which of course we are not in favour of.

      He (fixer) gave us a list on the things that needs to be issued. I haven’t seen any of this lists on your blog.

      1. MARO Edoresement
      2. Legal Ocular Inspection
      3. Written request to transfer awarded land by the transferor
      4. Certified True Copy of Title
      5. Certified True Copy of Tax declaration
      6. Certificate of full payment of amortization DAR
      7. Certification from NIA
      8. Certification regarding Loans (equipment, production,etc.)
      9. Tax Clearance
      10. Affidavit of Transferor stating that the subject property has no pending case at Darab, or any of its adjudicator, DAR office of the President.
      11. Affidavit of the Transferee on the aggregate area on his agricultural area and non filling income tax
      12. Community tax Cert of Transferee
      13. Certification of the provincial Assessor office regarding the extent of the agricultural land holding
      14. Certification by the Municipal assessors Office regarding the extent of the agricultural land holding of the transferee within the province

      Please help me enlightn n why do they need all the things enumerated above.

      And how can we process the transfer on our own having only the two documents stated above.

      Thank you so much.

      • Dear Jit,
        Thanks a lot for visiting our website. Your concern are all about how to process the documentation of “transfer of real property” and a lot of question about this. Firstly, CLOA or Certificate of Land Ownership is title given to the farmer’s beneficiary, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be transferred anymore to non-farmers. Once this property has been convey to another person (not his direct heirs), the buyer has the legal right already to this property. Also, the CLOA (Original Title) can be transferred already to the buyer through a TCT (Trasfer Certificate of Title) upon processing and complete documentation requirement by concern government agencies. Secondly, the 10 years prohibited prescribed period; the 10 years prescribed shall start based on the date indicated on the face of the CLOA title, as for in this case which is 1996 therefore it is already out of question. The waiting period is already over, therefore there is no more additional waiting of 10 years. You should process now your papers in order that title of that property be in your name already.

        Another concern also of yours is the forfeiture or annulment of debt payment if CLOA be transferred to the immediate heirs. You have already the Deed of Sale (portion only), as long as you have this documents you have already the legal rights as new owner of a portion of that property. Make it sure that your DOS is legally notarized.In your second email your question is “can a CLOA grantee issue another CLOA to buyer?” Yes.. the buyer can issued a CLOA title but in form already of a Transfer Certificate of Title or TCT. The CLOA title being issued to the beneficiary or grantee is the “Original CLOA”, and next succeeding issuance of title is already TCT.

        And lastly, since you would process personally your papers and by not having hire a fixer to do the complicated works. Here are the processing involve;
        1. Go to your local Treasurer Office pay for your real property taxes of your bought lot, then request for Tax Clearance Certificate, and pay for the “Transfer Fee”;
        2. Go to your local Assessor Office request for certified true copy of tax declaration of that property. Request also for Certificate of No Improvement of the lot;
        3. The next office you should go to is the BIR, you must pay the Capital Gain Tax (6% of the amount in consideration in the DOS or the Market Value of the Tax declaration or the Zonal Value of BIR which ever is higher); pay also the Documentary Stamp Tax (1.5%)and the Certification Fee. Once you are cleared from the BIR , they will issue one document which is called “Certificate Authorizing Registration or CAR”. This is one important document that to be submitted to ROD and Assessor Office. Note: At the BIR, prior to processing of your documents, they will give you a lists of requirements that you should comply.
        4. The next office is the ROD, for the registration and titling of your bought property. At the ROD you should submit the following documents; a.] DOS duly stamp with BIR; b.] CAR or Certificate Authorizing Registration; c.] Certified True Copy of tax declaration and certificate of no improvement; d.] Tax clearance certificate and O.R. of payment of Transfer Fee; e.] The Original CLOA Title (not certified copy); f.] Approved Subdivision Plan; g.] DAR Clearance Certificate: The list of 1-14 you mentioned are the DAR Clearance requirement. Under the law, the processing for titling of an Agricultural land must have a DAR Clearance, this is important in order to determine the compliance of CARP Law. 5.] And lastly of course, the payment of Registration Fee to be determine by ROD. Please take note also that the ROD has their owned set of requirement that to be comply also.

        Once you have completed at the ROD, means that you have already the Title in your name, you must mandatorilly go to your Assessor Office to “Transfer” the tax declaration in your name. For the requirement at the Assessor Office visit again this website. Please don’t forget to pay your annual realty taxes on time to avoid penalty.


  26. Djr Shep says:

    Hello po,
    Safe po bang bumili ng land na rights lang po.

    • Dear Shep,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Basically NO, it is not safe na bumili ng lupa na “rights” lang. You should ask the seller kung meron itong “Title”, tax declaration, receipts of payment of real property taxes, and you have have an ocular inspection kung saan ang lupang ito. And don’t forget to authenticate sa mga documents na ibinigay sa iyo. Kung “Title” you must go to the Register of Deeds, if tax declaration at receipts of payment dapat pumunta ka sa Assessor at Treasury Office respectively.


  27. Djr Shep says:

    One more thing po,
    Sa pagkakasabi nyo po hindi safe bumili ng rights lang po,Ano po ang best way na dapat gawin if nakabili na ng land na rights lang po galing sa barangy?
    Maraming salamat po

    • Dear Shep,
      Good day…can you give more details sa nabili mong lupa. Meron ba itong Deed of Sale? Ano ba ang mga documents ang hawak mo?
      Bakit galing sa brgy? Ano ba ang classification nito “Timber Land”, Public Land”, o ” Alienable and Disposable land na ba ito?


  28. Good day po,

    Can a holder of a CLOA which was ‘bought’ recently, lease it out to a third party? Third party will engage in agricultural activities. Area for the lease agreement is around 50 hectares.
    What should the third party consider in this lease agreement (e.g. CARP)?

    Very much appreciative of the time and attention given, not just to my query but also all others.

    Maraming Salamat Po!

    • Dear John,
      Thank you for visiting our website. As for your inquiry, Yes, the land owner has the right to lease his/her property depending on their lease agreement. Every real property owner, we have the so called principle of “bundle of rights”. As real property owner you have the right to use your property; either to develop it, depose, lease, sale, donate, etc.As for in this case, the third party might develop it into commercial farming, e.g. devoted commercial livestock, or fruit farms,or orchards, etc. What is important here is to develop the said land into productive one so that it can help the local economy where this property is located and in general our country.


  29. Good morning po. I am planning to buy a parcel of land po which is still under CLOA. We have to wait for five years po raw kasi nakaka-five years na po sa 10 year-period. Voluntary po raw na ibinigay yung lupa sa tenant. Ideal po bang bilihin yung lot? Kasi po agricultural ang classification so mas mura po market value pero ibinebenta po sa amin for Php 1,500 per sq. meter. Nakakatempt po kasi gawa bagama’t agricultural classification eh malapit lang sa mismong bayan. Kaya nga lang po, nagdadalawang-isip pa rin po kami kasi maglalabas din kami ng pera at mahal din naman po yata ang pagpapatitulo. Thanks po.

    • Dear Ronnel,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Any holder of CLOA title who is the recipient or beneficiary of the CARP law who are willing to sale their property ay pueding bilhin. Ang importante lang ay dapat mong ma verify or ma-validate ang mga documentong hawak ng may-ari ng lupa. Ang CLOA title ay dapat ma verify ang authenticity sa ROD, bayad na ba ito sa Land Bank, meron na ba itong tax declaration at mga payment na ba ito sa buwis. Tama ba ang ibinigay na location sa lupa, dapat mag conduct ka ng occular inspection nito. Mag tanong ka sa mga nakatira doon, verify it baka may dispute nitong lupa at saka baka may problema pa nito. All of this ay dapat maconsider mo, mahirap na later on na nabili mo na then may mga problema pala itong lupa.


  30. Edsel Fagela says:

    Dear sir,

    i bought a lot not knowing the same as cloa title although the 10 years had already lapse when i will transfer the same to my name it was denied on the grant that i already bought more than 5 hectares.\
    how can i transfer the property i bought even if i have more than 5 hectares cloa titles? Thank you very much..


    • Dear Edsel,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Under the CARP law (RA-6657), the owner of land (agricultural) is allowed only to owned the maximum of 5.0 hectares and if he/she has children it is only 3.0 hectares each. In you case, since you have already attained the maximum allowed ownership of agricultural land naturally the DAR will denied your request. That is why in processing for the titling of an agricultural land, the ROD required a DAR Clearance Certificate. This is to determine in the compliance of the CARP law. In your question on how you can transfer a property even you have more than 5.0 hectares, you cannot definitely transfer that property in you name but if you have children, or brother or sister the law allowed that.
      The irony is all the documents is not in your name but in principle and in reality you are the true owner.


  31. Dear Sir:
    Magandang araw…Maraming salamat at nakapa informative ng inyong site.Meron po akong idudulog na kaso sa inyo…Ako po ay nakabili ng lupa(residential lot) noong 2007 sa aming barangay na may sukat na 365 sq.m.Tanging ordinaryong kasulatan lamang at kopya ng Tax declaration ng Seller ang hawak namin.Ako na rin ang nagbayad ng mga buwis sa munisipyo mula sa taong di nabayaran ng Seller.Sa napakatagal na panahon ang lumipas ng pagbayad ng buwis,hindi ko naasikaso ang paglipat sa aking pangalan at sa pagpapatitulo.Mahabang proseso daw..Kaya this summer,inasikaso ko.Magpagawa po ako ng Deed of Sale,at pumunta sa BIR para magpa compute sa capital gains tax pero di ko po tinuloy ang pagproseso sa dami pa ng requirements at sobrang taas ng babayaran ko .Pag uwi ko nakausap ko yong friend kong nagtatrabaho sa isang bangko.Sabi nya sa ROD daw ako muna pumunta baka makapagbigay sila ng suggestions sa pagpapatitulo ng lupa.Sa DENR daw ako pupunta sa pagpapatitulo ng lupa,aniya ng ROD.Ngunit tinanggihan kami ng DENR kasi,hindi nila sakop or in jurisdiction ang aming barangay.Hawak daw ito ng DAR at ayaw daw nila manghimasok sa lugar ng DAR.Kaya sa DAR ko tinanong ang mga bagay tungkol sa pagpapatitulo.Di tulad ng DENR na TCT ang titulo nila,CLOA daw ang ibibigay ng DAR.Gusto ko sanang makakuha ng titulong TCT…Pero kong sa DAR ako magpatitulo,,ano -ano ang mga proseso at requireements na kailangan nila…Hindi kasi malinaw at ayaw nilang ihayag ang mga proseso.Gusto pa muna nilang magpasa ako ng Waiver of rights ng Seller.

    Seventy percent of the barangay land use is for residential and the rest is in agricultural and other purpose.Only few of the residents have CLOA titles.Most of the residents are employees and businessman and thus the place,considered as the commercial center of our municipality.DAR and DENR offices are located in our barangay.Last year,the DAR refused to accepts application for titling for the reason of a certain order issued by their regional office.Furthermore,I would like to ask these questions:
    1.Wala ba kaming chance magpatitulo sa DENR dahil sa within jurisdiction kami ng programa o sakop ng DAR?
    2.Ang DAR ay para sa mga agricultural farm,bakit namimigay sila ng residential lot?at bakit hindi nila inasikaso ang CLOA nang namigay sila noon hanggang ngayon ?

    Maraming salamat po sa inyong tugon….Mabuhay po kayo.

    • Dear Sandro,
      Thank you for visiting of website. Sorry for the late reply medyo may problema kami dito sa internet. It is very clear to me na medyo you are frustrated sa mahabang processo sa documentation sa real property mo. Majority sa nakakabili ng lupa ayaw nang magpatuloy sa pag process dahil sa daming requirements at medyo mataas pa ang bayarin. Ang iba dyan no other choice but to hire a fixer at mas lalong mahal ang services charges. So, sa unang tanong mo “Wala ba kaming chance magpatitulo sa DENR dahil sa within jurisdiction kami ng programa o sakop ng DAR?” Kung ang nabili mong lupa ay classified na itong “Residential” its means that under the tax declaration ito ay residential na you can have titled that at the CENRO-DENR. Meron ngayon bagong law under RA-10023 “New Free Patent Act on Residential Land” (March 2010), it provide the specific provision on the maximum coverage on this law. For Highly Urbanized Cities only 200 sq.m.; for Cities – 500 sq.m. ; for 1st – 2nd Class Municipalities – 750 sq.m. and for other Municipalities – 1,000 sq.m. Here of the several requirements of that office: the Deed of Sale, Tax Declaration, approved survey plan of your lot with technical description. Kindly visit your CENRO office for more detailed attachment.
      On your second question: Yes meron rin issued residential lot under CLOA but this is a part or portion of an agricultural being distributed to the farmers beneficiary. Basically itong area (residential) ay yong tinitirikan ng bahay nang farmer which is considered or classified as residential. Hangang ngayon maraming problema ang mga lupang covered ng CLOA. It is not only in your place but its all over in our country. Hindi matapos-tapos ang mga processo, in fact some of this has created problems between the land owner and the tenant (beneficiary).


  32. Joe Balingit says:


    I just found out that my forefather has three (3) Emancipation Patents (EP) and I have already copies from the Registry of Deeds. These EPs was encumbered in favor of Land Bank of the Philippines. Upon checking at the LBP, the said titles was not in their registry which means we could not pay it. What would be the best thing to do to process these titles and to acquire TCT? I have also acquired copy of the approved plan from the LMS-DENR. Thank you and hoping for your respond sir. God bless.

    • Dear Joe,
      Thank you for visiting our web site. As for inquiry, first thing you should do is to prepare a Deed of Conveyance:Deed of Extra-Judicial Settlement of the heirs of your forefather. You should produce the original duplicate copy of EPs title because w/o this document you cannot transfer a TCT at the Registry of Deeds. You should pay also the rpt taxes and the transfer fee at your local treasurer office. Then go to the BIR for the payment of Estate Tax and Documentary Stamp Tac. Once you have already the CAR-Certificate Authorizing Registration you can proceed now to ROD for registration of your docs. and issuance of TCT. Also since this is an agricultural land, the ROD would require DAR clearance. One more thing, you should clear the encumbered annotation of the title at the LBP.


  33. Hi, balak po kasi nmin bumili ng lupa.. Cloa title po eto. hindi pa bayad sa landbank at may kakulangan din ang dating may ari sa pagbabayad ng amelyar.
    magkakaron po ba kami ng problem sa lupa pag nabili na namin? papano po ba nmin mapapatransfer sa pangalan nmin ang title? ano ano po ba ang dapat unahin at gawin

    • Dear Mayren,
      Salamat po sa pag bisita mo sa aming website. Ang unang mo ay humingi sa may ari ng lupa ng copy sa CLOA title. Echeck mo ito ang kanyang authenticity sa ROD at saka tingnan kung kelan ito na issue (date) dahil meron ditong 10 years na prohibited period na hindi ito pweding ma ebenta during this period. Hindi ka dapat magproblema as long na ang documento ay mga lengal. Sa pag transfer na sa title, the basic ay ang Deed of Sale, payment sa rpt taxes at transfer fee, payment din sa BIR-Capital Gain Tax at Doc. Stamp tax; Tax Declaration from Assessor. Importante din ang original duplicate copy sa CLOA title.


  34. Dan Javier says:

    Sir I am now in the process of buying land classified as CLOA. The owners are saying that the 10 years prohibition to sell has already lapsed because the mother title (CLOA) was awarded to them a brother and sister co-owning 4.5 has last Dec ,2000. Now they are are in possession of 2 titles that essentially divides the original property between them but now includes the name of their respective spouses. These titles are also classified under CLOA awarded Dec 2013. They are advised that they can sell the land because they are the owners of the original title and that the 10year prohibition has lapsed since it was awarded in the year 2000. They claim to have consulted the provincial DAR and are representing that the transaction can proceed. My question is would current titles which are classified CLOA and sill carries the 10 prohibition cause a problem in this transaction? What would you recommend under these circumstances? Both couples are willing to sign the appropriate deed of conveyance and are presently aquiring certificates from the land bank and DAR.

    • Dear Dan,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Your main inquiry is the 10 years prohibited period of the current CLOA title which is already a TCT. If the Transfer Certificate of Titles (under CLOA) is still indicated in the face of the title, therefore it is still carries the prohibited period which shall be reckoned on the date of issuance of the title (2013). If they have claimed that its okay to sell this per DAR office, better consult for a second opinion on the legal interpretation by appropriate lawyer. But for me its don’t hold water, you might have a problem later on. Better check first before your final agreement or perfection of contract (DOS).


  35. alon5665 says:

    Dear Sir:
    Good day! I am planning to buy an agricultural land under CLOA. Almost 7 yrs na po sa kanila n naka CLOA. Ano po ang maganda namin gawin? Okey lang po ba bilhin nmin yun bukid? hindi po ba kami magkakaroon ng problema balang araw? salamat po

    • Dear Alon,
      Thank you also for visiting our website.
      Wala naman problema kahit sinong tao ang bumili ng lupang under CLOA as long as ito ay mga legal na documento. Ang importante lang gawin mo ay e-double check mo ang mga documents na ibibigay sa iyo nang may-ari ng lupa before ka magbayad. For example ang CLOA title mismo, verify it sa ROD sa authenticity; ang tax declaration kanino ba ito naka pasapangalan sa CLOA owner na ba o baka sa original previous owner pa ito; bayad na ba itong lahat ang mga prt taxes; mag conduct ka ng ocular inspection sa lupang ito at mag tanong ka sa mga adjacent lot owner baka my “dispute” ito or may kaso na ito sa courte.
      So, be investigative at sayang lang ang pera kung later or may problema pala ito.


  36. Edmon Ruiz says:

    Hi Sir,
    Good day!
    My father is a CLOA beneficiary of 5,000 sq. meters of land in Floridabalanca, Pampanga. He told me that he already paid taxes for the whole 5,000 sq. meters. He gave us 600 sq. meters each children (5) for a total of 3,000 sq. meters. Then he hire a fixer to process subd plan for individual T.C.T.. Below are the break down of the expenses that the fixer wants to collect so we can claim the land title.

    Expenses Summary for Titling
    Re: conversion from sugarcane land to subd to individual T.C.T.
    Expenses for individual titling of T.C.T.
    500 – deed of sale
    2,500 – re: survey
    1,000 – approval of survey plan
    375 – title transfer
    5,000 – title of registration
    3,000 – certification, documentation
    2,000 – miscellaneous expenses
    1,000 – share for 3 title T.C.T. of road
    6,750 – BIR ( Area= 600 sq.m. x P150 = 90,00 x 7.5% = 6,750)

    P 22,125 – total expenses for area of 600 sq.m.
    We need to pay the fixer P 22,125 each children to claim our the land title.

    Is the cost given to us legitimate?

    Thanks in advance for your reply on this matter.


    • Dear Edmon,
      Thank you for visiting our website. The processing of documents of real property being transfer are very tedious work and takes a lot of time, and course some it involve substantial monetary amount. For those people who are busy or hesitant to do the tiresome work they resort to hiring of a fixer. Fixer or processor is a good alternative to do the work as long as it can be controlled by the one who hire. It must be clear for both party on what services (documentations) to be deliver and the corresponding value of services. As in your case, comparable to the present rate for processing of documents it is already somehow reasonable. What is important here is to monitor on what stages are the processing already and to control the release of money.


  37. gud eve,,,i like reading your replies to some of the queries about CLOA Land. We have one too but one of the co-owners used it as collateral in the bank for a loan under his name. Now the other owners want to separate from this mother title and underwent DARAB Case where the decision is already final and executory for individual CLOA title.This is still under cloa because it is only 7 yrs. But the one who loaned it is not willing to retrieve the title from the bank. The bank only issued a certification that the title is in them.Can any agency retrieve the cloa title like DAR? since the one who loaned it said he will not honor the court’s decision and has no plan retrieving the title from the bank.

    • Dear Vilma,
      Thanks for visiting our website. The property was mortgaged at the bank and the collateral is the CLOA title but with in the name of one co-owner’s only. Definitely the bank will not release the title unless it will be fully paid by the mortgagee. The bank has the legal basis to hold the said title, and any court will not issue such release of the document because of the law on mortgage unless otherwise the loan is matured or fully paid. Since you have to separate the title, to must need the original duplicate copy of title. Without this important document you cannot start the processes on the separation of the title.


      • vilmagbiray says:

        so what shall we do now? is that original duplicate copy of title is the one submitted in the bank? or we can secure that from which office? because we really want to have separate title and we don’t want to wait for the full payment of the loan since the mortgagee is not also paying it religiously..

      • Dear Vilma,
        First you should request a certified copy of title at the Registry of Deeds (ROD). Then, try to request to bank that you would borrow the “original owner’s duplicate copy” of the title in order na para ka makapag transfer sa titulo. But, before that you will need to hire a geodetic engineer to subdivide the property and have it approved by the Land Management Service (LMS) of DENR.


  38. Hi My Boss want to buy cloa lot? Ang sabi po ng DAR, kailangan po nila ng clearance.. mahirap po ba ilipat ang CLOA?

  39. Good day,
    Nkabili po ang boss ko ng 8 hectares cloa title,
    Tpos ang sa DAR ang dami kailangan CLEARANCE? DADAAN SA DARAB AT PROVINCIAL MARO

    • Di ba kasaaad na title 10 years pede na ibenta? bakit ang dami pa hinihinge?

    • Dear Mc,
      Thank you for visiting our website. We have law on property registration (PD-1529) being implemented by the Registry of Deeds. Ito ang batayan nila kung nag paparegistro tayo ng lupang nabili natin. What is the purpose of registration? Basically, its our protection sa nabili nating lupa. There are so many cases na maraming property owner na nag “dodouble sale” sa lupa nilang na ibenta na. For example, dalawa kayong nakabili ng the same property, tapos ikaw hindi mo naparegistro ang nabiling lupa mo, kung mag kaso o dispute ito sa korte ikaw ang magiging talo dahil yong property mo ay hindi registered sa ROD.Kailangan ba ang DAR Clearance, yes, ito ay one of the requirement bago mo makapagregistro o maka pag transfer of title. Ito ay requirement for those land classified as Agricultural Land at wala na itong ibang paraan, you have to comply all the requirement of the DAR.


  40. vilmagbiray says:

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR reply..i’ve been waiting for it. The requirements provided by ROD are already complete including the subdivision plan and the decision of finality from DAR after it underwent DARAB case.. it is the mother title that we are lacking because it is in the bank where only one of the owners has submitted it as collateral. When we asked him to sign in the undertaking so we could borrow the mother title from the bank, he refused.He said, he does not honor any decision from the court because of personal reasons. He just said that we should wait until the loan is fully paid. But the other 5 owners could not wait anymore especially that the loan is not paid religiously. Our problem is, how can we get the original title from the bank or is there another copy of it from ROD or DAR that we could borrow?

    • Dear Vilma,
      There is only one “original duplicate owner’s copy” of the title, in this case the title is in the bank, while the “original copy” of the title is at ROD as their file. The original copy cannot be release by the ROD. In order to have a transfer certificate of title (TCT), you’ll need the owner’s copy because it will be annotated by the ROD that the property has been sub-divided by the co-owners. Since, you have already the finality of the decision from DARAB, try to have a presentation or talk to the DARAB, to make a formal request directly to bank requesting to borrow the title for segregation of the property by the co-owners based on their final decision.


  41. Toh-sing Tan says:

    good day po

    magtatanong lang po sana ako meron po kasi ako CLOA LAND TITLE but suddenly hindi ko na po makita i didnt remember kung saan ko nilagay ibig sabihin po nawawala yung CLOA TITLE ng lupa namin
    paano po ako makakuha ng copy ng land title namin and how can i transfer it to TCT

    salamat po ng marami

    • Dear Toh-sing Tan,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Kung nawala ang CLOA Title mo medyo may problema dahil you cannot transfer a title with out the original owner’s duplicate copy. Pupunta ka sa court para magpetition for issuance of second owner’s copy. Medyo gastusin didto dahil you have to hire a lawyer for the petition, and saka medyo matagal ang processo dahil magcoconduct ito ng court hearing. Kung meron copy kana sa title puede ka nang mag pa transfer, all you have to do is pay muna ang realty taxes, bayaran mo ang capital gain tax at documentary stamp tax sa BIR, at saka iparehistro mo ang deed of sale mo sa ROD including sa pag transfer of title to TCT of that same office.


  42. vilmagbiray says:

    If the darab will request for the title, does the bank have no right to refuse to let darab borrow the title for segregation of other owners who are not mortgagee?

    • Dear Vilma,
      I think the bank would not refuse because DARAb has a legal existing as quasi-judicial entity unless otherwise the bank has a legal basis not to do so. Just try lang to talk with DARAM office.


      • vilmagbiray says:

        Thank you…the bank is cooperative though they even gave us the certification that the title is in their custody…but im just afraid if the mortgagee might tell the bank to refuse anybody who will borrow the title because he says he does not honor any court’s decision.But your input is very helpful.

      • Dear Vilma,
        Your welcome….just dont forget “in every problem there is always a solution”.
        Good luck.


  43. Good day po, may problema po kame ngayon saming lupa, under Carp voluntary offer to sell since 1997 po, nung nagfollow kame para dun sa cloa title namen nawawala po daw sa DAR/PARO pampanga. Pero sa computer system nila may CLOA serial no. Napo kame yung hard copy nawawala po daw, sa loob ng 18 years madalas po kame nagfafollowup sa DAR ngayon lang po nila sinabi na nawawala po yung isang folder na ang laman ay mga cloa title, wala po kaming nabayarang tax kasi nga po wala notice samen. Ngayon po may pumasok sa lupa namen at nagbabakod na kukunin na daw nung may-ari yung lupa namen at walang magawa ang mga pulis at barangay kasi daw for peace and order lang po daw sila, medyo nakakatension na dito sa lugar namen. Pano po kay magagawan nang paraan yung nawawalang cloa title sa DAR mismo nawala? Maraming salamat po sana matulungan nyo po kame sa issue namen

    • Dear Stevie,
      Salamat sa pag bisita mo sa aming website. Base sa salaysay mo, kayo po ay isang beneficiary sa CARP at saka meron ng issued na CLOA title. Kung ang CLOA title na ito ay registered sa ROD, puede kang mag request ng certified true copy of that title sa Registry of Deeds. Kung hindi pa, medyo may problema tayo. What you should do ay mag formal demand ka sa DAR kung bakit ito ay nawala, at saka magpatulong ka nalang sa kanila (DAR) kung papaano ito gawin ulit para ma issuance ka ng title. With regards sa pumasok sa lupa nyo at saka nagtayo nag bakod dapat ay ipa blotter mo sa barangay at saka sa police station. In that way, importanteng recorded ang nangyari dyan sa lupa nyo at saka you are protesting sa pumasok dyan. Kung sakaling later on may court litigation kayo at least meron mga documentong ma-pro-produce at meron din mga witnesses.


  44. cris ogerio says:

    Good day. May tanong po ako regarding collective CLOA title (VLT). Yung nabili po naming Lupa under CLOA ay may 6 na beneficiaries na naka-indicate sa CLOA. Lapse na po yung 10 year prohibited sale period na nasa title ( noong 1999 pa). Sabi po ng MARO nung ipa-transfer na sana namin sa pangalan namin yung lupa ay naka-schedule raw po na hati hatiin yung lupa sa 6 na beneficiaries kaya ang suggestion nya ipa-sukat na lang muna para mabigyan ng individual titles at ibibigay sa amin yung 6 na titles. Pagkatapos, maghintay pa ng another 10 years bago mapalipat sa amin yung individual titles. Meron na po kaming DOS galing sa mga beneficieries. Tama po ba ang advise ng MARO na hatiin muna sa mga pangalan ng benefeciaries ang lupa at saka maghintay ng 10 taon bago ipalipat sa pangalan namin? Pwuede ho ba naming bilhin yung existing collective cloa at i-transfer na rin sa isang collective title na nasa pangalan na namin para mapadali yung transfer gayong tapos na naman yung 10 year prohibited sale period? May posibilidad ho ba na maging iba ang advise ng MARO at ng DAR legal? Kailangan ho ba ng MARO endorsement para ma-transfer yung title sa amin? Paano ho kaya ang Capital gains tax na dapat naming bayaran sa BIR kung another 10 years pa ang hihintayin? Salamat po for any advice you can provide.

    • Dear Cris,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Surely, ang property mong nabili ay ikaw na ang rightful owner. You have all the DOS of those beneficiaries naman. Ang problema lang ay ang pagtransfer sa title. Dapat kausapin mo ang mga nagbenta (benefiacies) sa iyo ng lupa na make a formal request (Black & white) to DAR/MARO na huwag ng ipagpatuloy ang pag segregate or pag issue ng individual title dahil ito ay naebenta na. Sa tingin ko ang mga benefiacies ay may request sa MARO na ma-issuance sila ng kanikanilang title. With regards to advise of MARO and DAR legal, yes, may posibilidad na iba ang kanilang suggestion o advise. But mas maganda kung sa DAR legal ka mag request for clarification about your property dahil mas meron silang legal authority to say so.
      Actually, ang isang kailangan sa pag transfer ng title (for agricultural land) is DAR Clearance Certificate. Ang MARO endorsement ay isa lang sa pagproceso sa pag kuha ng DAR Clearance. Ang nag i-issue ng DAR Clearance Certificate ay ang PARO. But prior to this, nag e-endorso muna ang MARO to PARO. With regards naman sa BIR CGT, kung babayaran muna, itago lang muna ang mga reciept (OR) of payment, ito ay puede pa rin even after 10 years. Pero its better na e-process mo na ang mga documents mo (DOS), have it registered at ROD and have it transferred also the tax declaration at your local assessor, kahit wala ka pag title in your name. In that way meron ka nang proof of ownership dahil meron ka ng registered property at saka nagbabayad ka na ng annual realty taxes.


  45. SHERYL FOLE says:

    Magandang hapon po sir

    May nabili po kami lupa, sabi po nung may ari eh nilalakad n daw po un title and since first time nmin bumili ng lupa and kaibigan po ng family un nag bebenta/may ari so sobrang tiwala po kami. Meron po kami hawak DOS and nung nag follow up po ako sa binilhan namin about sa title eh naging iba n po ang sagot na kesyo daw po wala silang sinabi na under process n po un title. Malaki po un lupa nila and parte lang po un nabili nmin and gusto ko po sana ayusin mag pa titulo and hindi ko po alam saan mag sisimula.

    Nag tanong tanong po kami sa kalapit na lugar and napag alaman po nmin na wala pa kahit sino sa tenant ang may hawak ng title since un lupa was award lang daw po and until now nag hihintay pa sila ng pag bigay ng certificate? Wala sila tax na binabayaran sa gobyerno kasi agricultural land daw po un?

    Ano po ba ang dapat ko gawin and saan po ako dapat mag tanong para malaman ko ano talaga status nung lupa n nabili ko.

    Maraming salamat po in advance sa tulong.

    • Dear Sheryl,
      Salamat sa pag bisita mo sa aming website. Sa tingin ko ang lupang nabili mo ay under sa CARP law, dahil ang mga beneficiary nito ay ang mga tenant. So, you can inquire sa inyong Mun. Agrarian Reform Office (MARO), magtanong ka kung ang loteng nabili mo ay may meron bang CLOA Title. Ask kung ano na ang status at kung meron ng title, request for a xerox copy. Dapat pumunta ka rin sa inyong local assessor office to verify kung meron na ba itong tax declaration. At isa pa all land regardless kung ano ang classificition either agricultural, o residential, etc. ay dapat meron tax declaration.


    • Rosemin Rafols says:

      Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

      From:”Welcome to the Official Website of Burauen Municipal Assessor” Date:Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 10:06 AM Subject:[New comment] Registration of CLOA Title

      SHERYL FOLE commented: “Magandang hapon po sir May nabili po kami lupa, sabi po nung may ari eh nilalakad n daw po un title and since first time nmin bumili ng lupa and kaibigan po ng family un nag bebenta/may ari so sobrang tiwala po kami. Meron po kami hawak DOS and nung na”

      • Dear Rosemin,
        Salamat sa pag bisita mo sa aming website. Sorry, medyo hindi ko makuha ang inquiry mong na post. Can you send again the full text sa inquiry mo.

        Thank you and good day.


  46. hello good day, sa nbasa kong isa sa mga advice nyo dito na pwd mkatransfer ng tax decleration sa name ng buyer kahit wala pa siyang own title at sa seller pa, pwd ba ho tlaga yon? anu ang mga proseso? at nkapangalan na sau yong tax decleration kahit ngproprocess kapa lng ng title para sau, tnx po

    • Dear Romar,
      Salamat sa pagbisita mo sa aming website. Yes, puede kang mag patransfer ng tax declaration even wala pa itong title as long as ang DOS mo ay registered sa ROD. Maraming mga lupa na wala pang mga title, meron na itong mga tax declaration. Ang pinaka importante sa pagtransfer ng tax declaration dapat ang mga documento mo ay registrado. Ano ang proceso? Una, bayaran mo muna ang realty tax sa inyong local treasurer office, request for certified true copy ng tax declaration sa Assessor office. Then, sa BIR ay dapat mong bayaran ang CGT, DST, at kung ma issuance ka na ng CAR you can proceed now sa ROD para sa registration ng DOS mo. At kung tapos ka na sa ROD, balik ka naman sa assessor office para pag transfer ng tax declaration.


  47. Liz Sol says:

    Hello Sir,

    Nakabili po ang mama ko ng CLOA title na lupa, ngaun hawak po namin ang Mother title ng CLOA at nakasaad doon na 4 ang nagmamay ari ng lupang ito. Ang di ko po maintindihan kasi kumpleto na papeles namin at gusto ko po sana ipa registro sa ROD. Pumunta po kme sa lawyers office at nakausap ko yung secretary, tiningnan nya lahat ng dokumento (subdivision plan approved by LMS, CAR, Tax dec , etc.) pero sabi nya para mapa rehistro sa ROD kailangan daw yung Deeds of Partition /settlement. Sabi naman ng nagbenta sa akin , wala silang hawak na ganun kundi ang investigative report lamang ng Survey na ginawa. sabi sa akin, kailangan ko muna hintayin na lumabas ang TCT ng nagbenta bago ako makapag sumite sa ROD. ano po ba ang processo para ma pa registro sa ROD?

    Ang nagbenta po sa amin ay anak ng owner ng lupa, at may hawak po syang Deeds of Donation. Nung pumunta ako sa DAR sabi sa akin, matagal po daw ma transfer sa akin kc dapat po raw ang nagbenta sa akin mismo ang owner. totoo po ba ito? pag na transfer na sa Anak nya ang parte ng lupa, mag aantay pa po ba ako ulit ng 10 taon pag may TCT na? or puede agad malipat sa akin? sana matulungan po ninyo ako kasi naguguluhan po ako sa sitwasyon. maraming salamat po.


    • Dear Liz,
      Salamat sa pag bisita mo sa aming website. Base sa salaysay mo, kayo po ay may mga completong mga documento na para maregistro sa ROD. Since lahat-lahat ay completo na, dapat sa ROD ka na pumunta, isubmite o ipakita mo ang mga documents mo sa ROD. In that way, ang ROD na ang magsabi sa inyo kung may kulang kapang mga papeles. Huwag mo ng intendiehen ang ibang tao o opisina with reagrds sa lupa mong nabili. Magugulohan ka lang.

      Good luck and God Bless.


  48. Gud day sir, ask ko lang po, paano po kung gustong gamitin na collateral ang isang CLOA na may annotation ng Landbank? Paano po ito macacancel ang Landbank Annotation?

    • Dear Sharon,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Kung ang title ay may annotation about sa Land Bank due, it must be first be cancelled bago mo itong gamitin as collateral. Ang dapat mong gawing ay bayaran mo muna sa Land Bank ang mga bayarin, then request from that bank a certification na you are fully paid na. Then dalhin mo ang title together with the certification to ROD for the cancellation sa annotation. After that puede mo nang gamitin ang title mo sa collateral sa loan mo.


  49. ask ko lang po kung pagkatapos mgpasurvey,,sino ang magfoforward ng technical description at survey plan sa denr para sa aproval, at ano po yong pagkakaiba ng plan na parang nasa white paper na transparent at sa plan na blue print?

    • dear Romar,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Kung magpapasurvey ka ng lupa or lote, kailangan mong mag hire ng isang Geodetic Engineer. Sila po ang may kapas or authority sa pag survey ng lupa. All the necessary documents like tech. description, survey plan at iba pang mga attachment sila na po ang nag subsubmit sa LMS-DENR for approval. Ang survey plan or drawing sa lupang sinurvey ito ay inalalagay sa isang “tracing paper”, ito ang transparent na papel na sinasabi mo. Ang tracing paper ay ginagamit din po ito ng mga engineer at architect sa paggawa ng plano sa bahay,o building o sa iba pang mga structure for construction. Ang tracing na may mga final drawing na, ito ay nagiging “original plan”. Ang “blue print” naman ay isang copy na galing sa original “tracing paper”. So, ang original plan (tracing paper) ay dapat tagoin ito ng mabuti at sa secure place na hindi ito mabasa kasi nag iiba ang texture ang papel na ito once mabasa. At saka mahihirapan na kayo later on kung magpa-blue print kayo.


  50. johuana says:

    Hi Sir..maraming salamat po sa mga info at tulong nyo sa pagsagot sa mga inquiry namin dito.
    My inquiry rin po ako. Paano ba malalaman na CLOA ang title? Ang tatay ko po ay na_awardan ng farm land na matagal niya sinaka thru DAR noong 1998. Nag_loan po sya sa LandBank at ginawang collateral ang title nafully paid naman nya ang loan. Hanggang namatay po ang tatay namin at nawala ang orig title kaya nagrequest po kmi ng duplicate title. Dumaan sa court hearing at tumagal rin ng 1yr bago na_release ang title. Nakapangalan pa po sa tatay ang title..ngayon napagkasunduan naming mga siblings at ng nanay na ibenta ang lupa. Possible po ba ito? Nagtanong tanong kc kmi ang sinasabi hindi dw pwde ibenta at ang pwde lang ay ipamana. Lahat po kc kmi siblings ay mga babae at hindi maasikaso ang lupa dahil lahat kmi ay may mga trabaho kaya iniisip na namin na ibenta ito. Possible po ba ito ibenta at papaano po ang proseso?
    Salamat po sa magiging tugon nyo?

    • Dear Johuana,
      Salamat sa pagbisista mo sa amin website. CLOA o Certificate of Land Ownership Award ay isang title sa lupa na issued ng DAR (Department of Agrarian Reform). Ito ay malalaman na CLOA dahil sa title mismo nakalagay ang “CLOA No.” at meron din “Department of Agrarian Reform”. With regards tanong mong puede na itong ibenta? Yes, puedeng-puede nyo itong ibenta, but you must comply muna sa provision ng CLOA. Sa mismong CLOA title if you read carefully meron nakalagay na “To have and to hold in ownership and to use productively said parcel of agricultural land with all the rights and privileges appurtenant thereto, subject to the condition that it shall not be sold, transferred or conveyed except through hereditary succession, or to the Government, or to the Land Bank of the Phil., or to the other qualified beneficiaries for a period of ten (10) years. x x x”. It’s mean na after ten years puede na itong ibenta to another person. At ang proceso naman ay mag papagawa lang kayo ng Deed of Sale sa abogado nyo.


  51. vilmagbiray says:

    gud pm po…CAN WE SUE one of the owners of a cloa title (there 7 of them) who submitted it to a bank for mortgage and refuse to sign the undertaking stating that the title be retrieved so that it could be submitted to ROD as one of the requirements for separate titles? The 4 of them signed and provided spa to this man so he could process the loan using this title..but the other two were not able to sign. It is 7 yrs under cloa. now, we asking him to retrieve the title because there is already a decision and finality from darab that the portions of the land were owned by separate people.that is why the other owners wanted to have separate titles. but now he does not want to sign because he is claiming the entire title Is his alone and he says he does not honor any court decision.. CAN WE SUE HIM FOR NOT COOPERATING, HOW?

    • Dear Vilma,
      Thank you once again for visiting our website. Your problem still dragging you. Based on your statement, you have already the DARAB decision and finality to make individual titles of those co-owner of the land. Filing for case or suing are more costly, but you can sue that person if you wish. Since your problem is only to have that original title to be presented at the ROD to be able to issue separate title, try to have a petition through your legal counsel for writ of mandamus. Writ of Mandamus is a judicial remedy wherein its primary purpose is to command and expedite. It is an order from the court that compel the individual/person to adhere what is embodied thereto, as in your case the original duplicate copy of title be presented to ROD.


  52. Myla Frans says:

    Good day po.
    may tanong lang po ako tungkol sa CLOA, kapag binenta po nang nagmamay-ari ano po ang panghahawakan ng bumili?
    thanks po

    • Dear Myla,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Kung bibili ka ng isang real property, ang dapat hawakan ng nakabili ay ang 1.) Deed of Avbsolute Sale na duly notarized by the lawyer; 2.) Ang original na title ng CLOA o kahit hindi CLOA; 3.) Certified true copy sa tax declaration at mga resibo ng nabayaran sa amelyar; at 4.)iba pang mga documentong galing sa may-ari ng lupa na connected sa nabiling lupa (e.g.kung meron man ang subdivision plan o survey plan, previous sale documents…)


  53. good day sir!!
    Ask ko lng po sana kung kelangan pba ipa resurvey ang portion ng land na nabili po namin to have our own blue print? kc po ang blueprint na hawak nmain eh kasama pa po ang ibang portion ng lot ng may ari?or is there another way na we dont have to spend money for resurveying the land and having our own blueprint.thanks po

    • Dear Roseline,
      Thank you for visiting our website. To answer your inquiry, dalawa ang scenario na nakikita ko. Scenario 1: Kung ang nabili mong lupa na portion lang na meron ng subdivision plan, means meron ka ng specific subdivision lot number, there is no need na pagpa-survey pa. All you need to do is magpa-blue print ka nalang. Wala na itong gastusin, payment lang sa blue print. Sa Scenario 2: Kung ang nabili mong lupa ay wala pang specific lot no., ikaw ay magpapasurvey. Ang tawag nitong survey ay “Sub-division Survey”, mag ha-hire ka ng geodetic engineer para mag survey at saka ito ay ipapa-approve sa Land Management Service ng DENR (LMS-DENR). Once ma-approved, bibigyan ka nito ng “Sepya Copy” (Original Copy) at saka ang blue-print. Dito meron na itong malaking gastusin. Ang mga documentong ito ay kailangan sa ROD kung mag papa-title ka na sa nabili mong lupa.


  54. sakurago says:

    Hi Sir,

    Sir paano po ang process ng EP Title from CLOA Title. Ako po nakapangalan sa CLOA Title. May nag-advise lang kasi na mas ok kapag EP ang title kaysa CLOA ang title. Totoo po ba ito? Kung totoo, ano po ang proseso? Thank you sir

    • Dear Sakurago,
      Salamat sa pag bisita mo sa aming website. EP or Emancipation Patent title ay isang titulo ng lupa na issue ito ng DAR under PD-27. Ang CLOA or Certificate of Land Ownership Award title ay isa din titulo ng lupa na issue rin ng DAR under naman it sa RA-6657. Ang mga beneficiary nitong mga titulo ay ang tenant-farmers na wala pang lupa. Ito ay isang programa ng ating national government. Both nitong title ay may mga restriction na dapat sundin natin. Ang proceso ng pag issue ng EP title ay the same lang sa CLOA title, at ito ay pino-proceso sa DAR office mismo. All you have to do is pumunta ka sa local DAR (MARO) nyo for the further information and mga documentation. Pero, base sa salaysay mo, meron ka nang CLOA title, so kung meron ka ng titulo, ito ay hindi na pueding isyuwan ng another EP title.


  55. Dear Engineer Mandreza,

    My partner bought a land here in the province, and unfortunately it is one of the project of DAR (CLOA as it is called). It is a 1.5 hectare land owned by two person. We haven’t known the legal process regarding the land. And nalaman pa namin na di talaga pwede ibenta ang lupa hanggat di natapos ang 10 years.

    I am really anxious how it would affect our ownership on the land. Kasi ang nangyari, nabili namin ang lupa ng walang kaukulang papel mula sa nagbenta na awardee ng CLOA. Kumbaga, ang nangyaring pagbabayad sa presyo ng lupa ay nangyari sa pamamagitan lang ng usapan sa barangay level, walang attorney na involved.

    Recently, kami na ang nagbayad sa balance nila sa LandBank and that is P26,000. We have talked also to the DAR coordinator in the area, and he said that ang meron pa lang CLOA title sa 1.5 hectare ay isa pa lang (kasi dalawa dapat ang title na lalabas, dalawang tao ang dating may-ari ng lupa). We brought the two owner of the land in LandBank to ask permission to the DAR personnel in order for us to get a copy of the said title. But the personnel disagreed and he said that pwede lang namin makuha ang title ng CLOA kung tapos na ma-process ng DAR ang lupa.

    Ang tanong ko po, pwede po bang gawan ng Deed of Sale ang lupa na may CLOA title? Kasi Kasulatan sa Barangay lang po yung papel na pinanghahawakan namin. Anu-ano po ba yung mga requirements kung sakali?

    We really need your expertise regarding this matter sir. We hope to hear you soon.



    • Dear Charies,
      Thank you for visiting our website. CLOA o Certificate of Land Ownership Award ay isang land title na issued ng DAR under the CARP Law. Ang beneficiaries nito ay ang mga tenant-farmers na walang pang mga lupa. Under the CLOA condition ito ay may restriction na hindi ito puedeng ibinta sa loob ng 10 years. Since nag bayaran lang kayo sa barangay na without proper documentation, medyo you are at risk sa investment mo o ang perang nabayad mo. All you have to do now ay mag contact ng isang lawyer para magprepare ng DOS, but this DOS ay hindi pa ito puedeng i-notarize until maglasped ang 10 years. Ang importante lang dito ay ma secure ang ownership mo sa lupang nabili mo. Dont wait na sa release pa ang isang title, let them affix (sellers) their signature sa DOS. Ito ang mas importante. Anyway lalabas din iyon isang title na hindi pa na process. Another thing is dapat mag posisyon ka na o gamitin mo na ang nabiling mong lupa. Kung kailan e-fence mo, mas maganda o di kaya taniman mo kung ano ang suitable na tanim sa lupa mo. In that way, you can establish the ownership also at saka malaman ito ng general public na sa iyo na itong lupa. One thing also, visit also your local assessor para malaman mo kung kay sino napangalan ang tax declaration, and then bayaran mo na ang amelyar o real property tax. With the official receipt na ikaw na ang nag bayad sa realty tax, it is already a documentary proof of ownership.

      Before you can prepare a Deed of Sale (DOS), kailan mo ng certified copy of title, certified copy also of the tax declaration, technical description of lot (this includes the Lot No.and the boundaries of that lot),and mga valid IDs o residence certificate ng mga dalawang sellers.

      Good luck and God Bless.

      Engr. R.S. Mandreza

  56. Joe Bagon says:

    Dear Engr. R.S. Mandreza,
    It’s been 10 years since my father became an ARB and he was given around two hectares of agricultural land with CLOA. We want to pay the full amount that we owe to Land bank but they are always telling us that we cannot pay it yet because some documentations/calculations are not yet ready. Pinapaasikaso ko lang po sa kapatid yung pagbabayad kc nasa ibang bansa po ako. Ano po bang tamang proseso sa pagbabayad sa land bank? Can we go directly to land bank and tell the bank employee that we want to pay an amount related to the lot #.

    Thanks and more power to you.

    • Dear Joe,
      Thank you very much for visiting our website. The beneficiary of Agrarian Reform must pay the value of the property being awarded. It is the LB who shall do the the paper works and computation. Upon completion of all of the documents, the beneficiary is advised by the LB with regards to his due. Since medyo matagal na, just wait lang muna anyway the bank has already told you na hindi pa tapos of mga documentation. What you should do now is from time to time, you should follow-up the bank kung ano na ang status nito. Also, try to visit also your local DAR to inquire the documentation of your father’s awarded lot. All documents dito po sa DAR pina-process before it will be endorsed to the Land Bank for final computation.


  57. gr33nrose says:

    Hello po, nakapag comment na po ako sa isang comment din, but i want to ask again…ano po ung memorandum of encumbrance na nagsasabi this original title is a CLOA? May nabili po ako lupa na 600sqm na may TCT na po under my name ako na din ang nagbabayad ng tax sa munisipyo at may tax declaration na din po and clearance … I presented it as collateral sa isang bank, hinhingan po ako ng landbank certificate of full payment at DAR oder? Ano po ba ibig sabihin ng mga to? Thank you and God bless

  58. gr33nrose says:

    Hello po, nakapag comment na po ako sa isang comment din, but i want to ask again…ano po ung memorandum of encumbrance na nagsasabi this original title is a CLOA? May nabili po ako lupa na 600sqm na may TCT na po under my name ako na din ang nagbabayad ng tax sa munisipyo at may tax declaration na din po and clearance … I presented it as collateral sa isang bank, hinhingan po ako ng landbank certificate of full payment at DAR oder? Ano po ba ibig sabihin ng mga to? Thank you and God blesss

    • Dear Gr33nrose,
      Thank you very much for visiting our website. Basically, ang memorandum of encumbrance is a record of any claim or lien on a parcel of real property. Ang example nito ay ang mga mortgages, deeds of trust, recorded abstract of judgement, unpaid real property taxes, o di kaya ang tax liens at iba pa. As for in your case, mayroon encumbrance to be settled first because the other bank requested for LB certificate of full payment and which include also the DAR order. Also, since that your TCT has an encumbrance na ang mother title nito ay CLOA, it means that it is recorded that the OCT is a CLOA issued title. Under CLOA title may mga conditions that should be followed. Kung cleared kana sa mga encumbrances, ito naman ay dapat ma-cancell na. You have to go to the ROD of your title for “cancellation of encumbrances”.


      • gr33nrose says:

        Sir ibig sabihin po ba nito possible na dipa nagbayad ang original owner sa landbank? Nasa abroad kasi ako ng bilhin ko to pero now po nasa akin pangalan na po ung TCT… 2013 po nung matapos ung 10yr period kaya that year lang din po ipangalan sa akin… As for the cancellation of encumbrances , may fee po ba ito at requirements na need ang ROD…salamat po sa pagtugon nyo…

      • Dear Gr33nrose,
        Salamat again sa pagbisita mo sa aming website. I understand walang problema na doon sa LB between sa land owner (original owner) at saka yong Land Bank dahil meron kanang TCT, all you have to do now ay magbayad ka lang sa Land Bank kung hindi mo pa nabayaran doon at saka mag request ka for a certification na fully paid ka na para naman ito ay ma-cancel ang encumbrances sa title mo sa ROD. With regards to payment of cancellation of encumbrances sa ROD, yes meron itong cancellation fee, pero minimal lang ito.

        Good luck and God bless.


      • gr33nrose says:

        Sir sa paglalakad ko po ng papel nalaman ko po na fully paid na cya sa landbank at cancelled nanpo ung CLOA unfortunately wala po cya DAR order/clearance ang sabi po sa bank kung saan ako nagloloan dapat daw po lahat ng CLOA ay may order /clearance na ito ay pwede na maging residential…tama po ba ito? Dipo ba strict ang ROD sa ganito na dapat hingin po muna nila ito bago isubdivide at iTCT ang lupa sa iba

      • Dear Gr33nrose,
        Its ok na pala dahil fully paid na ito sa LB. With regards po sa pagpa-subdivide, kailangan muna may DAR Clearance especially ito ay gagawin ng residential land. You need also to convert the agricultural land into residential land. Dito mag pa file ka ng Land Conversion sa DAR, kasi under the law prior to subdivision of land into non-agricultural usage (e.g. residential or commercial) shall under go first for land conversion. At saka if you file for titling (into residential land) directly to ROD, the ROD will not process your documents unless you have the DAR Clearance/Land Conversion. Ang ROD ay hindi naman sila strict, they are only following the law, and also the rules and regulations.


      • gr33nrose says:

        Salamat po sa muli nyo pagreply…ito po ang nalaman ko sir na wala po cya DAR order/clearance pero naipatitulo na po ng may ari sa amin na nakabili ng mga lupa…gaya po ng sabi ko nasa pangalan ko na po ang TCT pero wala records sa ROD at maging sa DAR ng clearance …sa ganito po situation ano po maganda remedyo lumalabas po nashortcut ang process…muli thank you po at malaki tulong po ang site nyo..God bless po

      • Dear Gr33nrose,
        Just read your email ngayon araw lang. With regards to your titulo sa lupang nabili mo, dahil meron ka nang TCT na sa pangalan mo I think there is no need
        sa mga DAR order at Clearance. Dahil itong mga documento ay kailangan lang before ka mag pa transfer ng title (TCT). So, right now there is nothing to worry about it.
        At sakaling mag pa transfer ka ulit (sa third person), ang DAR order at Clearance ay kailangan na ito. Just reminding you, kung hindi mo pa itong lupa mo na issuance ng tax
        declaration in your name, dapat ay pumunta ka sa local assessor office nyo, para ito ay mapasapangalan sa iyo ang tax declaration at meron ka ng annual obligation para mag bayad
        ny amelyar o realty taxes.


  59. Hi sir/mam

    Super thankfull ako and meron ganitong blogs under cloa.
    Question po: i bought a land under cloa residential po siya awarded 1994 so mahigit 10 years na so pwede na po siya transfer to tct under my name? Anu po steps for transfer?

    BiR req.
    A. Capital gain tax 6% which ever us higher zonal etc

    B . Doc stamps 1.5 %

    C . Reg fee 0.25 %
    Is this correct po? Meron pa po ba kelangan bayaran sa RD? And how much po?

    Best regards

    • Dear Sherwin,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Ang CLOA title ay puede ng i-transfer into TCT, all you have to do ay eprocess mo na ang mga documents mo. First step is you have to pay the real property tax o amelyar sa local treasurer ninyo, then pay also the transfer fee. Request also tax clearance certificate sa local treasurer ninyo. Secondly, go to Assessor’s Office for the certified true copies of tax declaration and certificate of no improvement, if any. Thirdly, you must proceed now to BIR for the payment of Capital Gain Tax, Documentary Stamp Tax, and the certification fee. Once you have completed at BIR, they will issue you the CAR (Certificate Authorizing Registration). After makumpleto mo sa BIR, you will now go to ROD for registration of your documents and titling of your bought property into your name. Ang babayaran mo lang sa ROD ay iyong registration fee. Minimal naman ito. After makumpleto lahat, ang titulo ay ibibigay na sa iyo ng ROD. Hindi lang dito nag tatapos ang processing, after ma-isyuhan ka ng title, babalik ka ulit sa Assessor’s Office para naman ma-transfer ang tax declaration sa pangalan mo. After that may annual kang responsibility para magbayad ng amelyar o real property tax. By the way, kung ang nabili mong lupa ay “portion” lang sa whole parcel, the ROD will require you to have an “approved subdivision plan”. Ito ay ginagawa ng isang geodetic engineer at pina-aaprobahan sa Land Management Service-DENR (LMS-DENR).


  60. Hi Sir, question lang po regarding CLOA Title. Kailangan po ba matapos muna ang 10 years period bago mo siya maicollateral sa bank for Real Estate Mortgage? Salamat po!

    • Dear Remuel,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Ang restriction o prohibition sa CLOA title ay sa pag benta land(transfer of ownership). It is not included kung ito ay eloan mo sa banko at gawin collateral.
      So, upon receiving the title, pu-puedeng mo na itong gawin collateral sa pag loan sa banko.


  61. Good afternoon Mam/Sir,

    Nakabili po kami ng CLOA title and based po sa mga Q&A dito, most of them nasagot na yung questions ko except this po:

    -If mattransfer ung CLOA title to TCT, magkakaroon po ba ng annotation sa TCT na dati itong CLOA?
    -Yung purpose po ba ng LAND nakalagay po ba saang document? kase as per dun sa napagtanungan namin, kung ano ung puspose ng land na nabili, un din po ung magiging use nya even matrasfer sa bagong owner.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Anastasia,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Ang CLOA ay isang title sa land na issiued ito ng DAR. Ito ay indicated mismo sa face ng title. So, kung mag pa transfer ka na, ang “original” na CLOA title ito ay magiging TCT (Transfer Certificate of Title) na. Since, ito ay CLOA, ganun pa rin it will indicate na CLOA pa rin ito sa TCT. At saka lahat ng mga restriction ay indicated also dito rin sa TCT. With regards sa second question mo, all CLOA title ang classification nito o usage ng lupa ay “agricultural land”. So, kung mag patransfer ka ganun pa rin ang classification unless you request for land conversion to non-agricultural usage (e.g. residential, commercial, etc.). Ang classification ng land ay makikita sa Tax Declaration, dito nakalagay ang specific classification at ano pang mga improvement (e.g. coco land, rice land, etc.). Kung mag patransfer ka ng lupa ganun pa rin ang classification nya, kung ito ay coco land, coco land rin sa pag transfer unless meron na itong ibang purpose per actual use sa property.


  62. Angel Espina says:

    hello po naka bili po ako lot sa CLOA, pero 2 years pa po bago maglapsed ang 10 years,
    1. ok na po ba yung deed of sale ko, at Map o survey ng geodetic engineer, para sigurado na after 2 years pwd nakong magpatransfer? paano po kung mamatay yung original owner?
    2. sakaling maglapsed na po ang 10 years, uulitin pa po ba yung deed of donation para sa date?
    3. yung original owner po nagbigay po sya ng 1.5 meters sa harap ng lote ko bago naglagay ng muhon. harap po kasi kme ng kalsada, kung baga mula sa muhon may sobra kami na 1.5 meters para daw po proteksyon kung sakaling mag widening, pwd po ba nming kunin yun o isama muna sa pagbakod ang 1.5 meters habang wala pa pong widening? o kme na po ang may ari nun?

    • Dear Angel,
      Salamat sa pag bisita mo aming website. Ok lang yong DOS mo, after sa pag lapse ng restriction period puede ka ng mag pa transfer. Kung in case namatay ang owner, ok lang yong walang epekto na man ito dahil during sa execution sa sale buhay pa man sya. The same also sa survey ng geodetic engineer, wala rin itong problema. With regards sa DOD, you have to change the date after the lapse period. And lastly with regards to the easement na ibinigay (1.5m), mas okay yon dahil baka nga mag widening ang government apektado ang lupa mo. For the meantime, puede mo itong isama sa pag bakod. Pero dapat ang bakod mo ay siempre hindi lang muna permanent, temporary lang muna. Its better to check sa DPWH o di kaya sa local municipal/city engineer office nyo with regards to the RROW ng road diyan sa lupa mong nabili.


  63. gud pm po sa inyo,,ask ko lang po about sa nabili kong lot, Nakabili po ako ng lot dati mother title pa ang ginamit at nakasulat po don na title # at lot # sa deed of sale ko at sa nakuha kung CAR ay sa mother title pa, ngayon eh di ko pla alam na paghahati-hatiin pa pla nila ito magkakapatid para makaprocess ako para magkaroon ako ng title.. pagkatapos after a month ngkaroon sila ng kanya knyang title magkakapatid so nagng iba na yong title no at lot no., ask ko lang kung magpapagawa na nman po ba ako ng another deed of sale at kukuha na nman po ba ako ng CAR para magtugma yong mga title number at lot number?

    • Dear Romar,
      Thanks sa pag visit mo aming website. Hindi ka na dapat mag pagawa ng another DOS. Since, na una ang pag benta nila sa iyo thru DOS kaysa paghahati. Ang dapat mo na lang gawin ay sa during sa paghahati o pag subdivide ng lote, ang nabili mong area ay dapat na maseparate na ito. Its mean that during sa preparation sa pag divide, ang lote mo ay may separate na na lot number. Kausapin mo ang may ari na dapat ito ang dapat gawin ng geodetic engineer for the survey and subdivision works.
      Puede rin mag pagawa ng another DOS, pero its another cost naman ito dahil you’ll have to pay the notarial fee and of course the taxes prior to issuance ng CAR. I think its not wise na mag pagawa ulit nag DOS unless you have an extra monies.


  64. aissa886 says:

    Hello! Good day! Your site is very informative. I hope you can help me on my queries. I would like to inquire po sana kasi meron kami nabili na lupa 1500 sq nka cloa hindi pa nahati hati portion lang yung nakuha namin. Hindi pa din nka lagpas ng 10years but we are willing to wait nmn po. My question are the ff:
    1. ano po dapat kunin namin sa beneficiary? Yung binigay po nya is just plain kasulatan na binebenta nya lupa nya. Signed by him and his wife.
    2. Tinayuan po namin ng poultry yung lupa. So now, gusto namin kunan ng business permit. Sabi ng tga zoning (first step sa pgkuha ng business permit) kelangan yung mg aaply Ng permit for the poultry Si cloa title holder. Meron pa po ba ibang options na para hindi namin ma ipangalan yung business sa kay cloa title holder? Kasi yun ang sinabi ng taga city since c cloa title holder may ari ng lupa dpat sya din yung mag mamay ari ng poultry. Ang hirap nmn ksi nun. Kung meron sya ibang atraso madadamay pti business namin.
    3. Nkita ko po in one of the posts sa taas na pwede po ipa lease ni cloa title holder yung lupa? Does it also goes the same with our case? If so,
    4. Pwede po ba, na sa zoning since c cloa title holder pa din yung rightful owner sa knya ipa ngalan, then pg dating na sa permits, papakita ko po na meron kmi lease agreement? Pwede po ba yun? Or ano po pinakamainamn na gawin namin?
    Hoping for your response po. Thank you very much! Godbless.

    • Dear Aissa,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Basically, kung bibili tayo ng real property, ang dapat natin kukunin sa seller ay yong mga papeles yung Deed of Sale mismo, original copy ng title, mga copies ng tax declarations including the receipts of payment (O.R.), survey plan of the lot (blue print), and other documents related to the property. With regards sa pag kuha ng business permit, since hindi pa puede ang DOS dahil within the prohibited period pa, puede na yung lease contract. Contract of Lease ay hindi naman ito prohibited sa CLOA. You can apply the business permit in your name by using the lease contract agreement.


  65. jotanaid says:

    Hello po,nakabili po ako ng lupa nakalagay po original certificate of title cloa, merun din po ako deed of sale at xerox ng tax dec galing sa may ari. Nag patulong po ako sa kakilala ko ,kaso 1year mahigit na po wala po nangyari,paanong proseso po ang dapat kung gawin para matransfer po sa name ko ang title ng lupa,thank u po

    • Dear Jotanaid,
      Thanks for visiting our website. Kung mag papatransfer ka ng ownership sa lupa. Ito ang dapat mong gawin. First you have to pay the realty taxes sa local treausrer office ninyo. Request for tax clearance certificate at kumuha ka rin ng certified true copies of tax declaration, certificate of no improvement (kung wala itong bahay or improvement), pay also the transfer fee sa treasury office. Then you have to proceed to BIR to payment the CGT, DST, at certification fee. Once you have completed at the BIR, they will issue now the CAR ( Certificate authorizing Registration). And lastly, kung completo na sa BIR, puede ka ng mag proceed to ROD for registration of you deed of conveyance documents including the transfer of title into your name. At saka kung tapos ka na sa ROD, you’ll go to again to the Assessor’s Office for the transfer naman ng tax declaration. Once you have already the tax declaration in your name, meron ka ng annual obligation to pay the realty tax o amelyar.


  66. hi.po may tanong po ako 2013 po ng mabili ng bf ko yung condo unit at that year then na transfer na yung ownership ng condo under his name nakuha narin nia yung certificate of tittle ang issue lang po nagbayad kami nung isang araw ng tax kaso po nasa pangalan pa po nung dating may ari yung tax..?which is dapat name nia na nakapangalan tas sabi po samin ng nasa assessor’s office we need to submit ng deed of sale,BIR,TITTLE.tska latest tax payment??dba dapat po nung 2013 nung matransfer natransfer narin yung ownership sa tax???????/please answer po thank you???????/

    • Dear Darmashana785,
      Thanks sa pag visit mo sa aming website. There are “two transfer” of transaction na dapat malaman ng isang buyer sa real property. The first transfer ay ang pag-transfer ng title (TCT) sa Registry of Deeds (ROD), and while the other one ay ang pag transfer naman ng “Tax Declaration” sa Assessor’s Office. Karamihan ng mga real property owner kung meron na silang titulo, hindi na sila pumupunta sa Assessor’s Office which very important din po dahil meron na silang obligation to pay their annual real property tax o amelyar.
      As in your case, it is very clear na hindi pa po kayong nag pa transfer ng inyong tax declaration. Wala naman babayaran sa Assessor’s office, all you have to do ay e-submit lang ang mga documents nyo. The following documents ay dapat mong e-submit:1. DOS with stamped registered at ROD; 2. Certified true copy of TCT from ROD; 3. CAR (Certificate Authorizing Registration) from BIR; 4. Tax Clearance Certificate from local treasurer office (this is the payment sa amelyar); 5. O.R. payment of Transfer fee (from local treasurer office also); 6. Sworn Statement of True Market Value of your property (form shall be provided by the Assessor’s Office, and to be fill-up na lang by you); and 7. Community Tax Certificate o cidula. All of this things o documents ay meron ka ng copies dahil meron ka ng title na issued in your name.

      Good day and good luck.


  67. jared24blog says:

    Good day sir, may i ask, i bought a land which is cloa to a person which im not related, is it possible that the title be transfer in my name someday.? And what would be the process, the land was awarded to them last may 2002. Thanks.

    • Dear Jared24blog,
      Thank you for visiting our website. CLOA title can be transferred to another person even if it is not related to the lot owner, provided it has complied or not violated the restriction provision of the CLOA title. Since the title is awarded in 2002, if we have to compute the number years up to the present, it will result already to more than 10 years which is already lapsed the prohibited period.
      For the process in transfer of ownership, please go to this website under the post/page on FAQ under Item No.2 “Documentary requirements in the real property transfer of ownership”; and Item No.3 “The process involves in the transfer of ownership”.


  68. Hi Engr.,

    Informative site! About CLOA we are trying to negotiate a purchase of a property which has a TCT with no CLOA anywhere in it but on the TAX DEC it has TCT/OCT/CLOA printed on it but the usage of the land is commercial – why is it that the tax dec has CLOA in it and is it a hindrance in the sale of the property? Please enlighten. Thanks in advance God bless!


    • Dear Jojo,

      Thank you for visiting our website. CLOA title is issued by DAR which is exclusively for agricultural land only, this excludes non-agricultural lands e.g. residential, commercial, or industrial. So, if it is an ordinary TCT with no inscription of CLOA therefor it is not under CLOA. Since the problem is on the Tax Dec., you must request from the local assessor a detailed verification of the tax dec. Just request from that office the history or tracer of the previous cancellation or revision of that concern tax dec. In that way, we may able to known on why a CLOA was indicated in the tax declaration. If just in case there was a clerical error, you can request from the Assessor Office for correction of the tax dec. All you have to do is to advice the property owner to prepare and submit an Affidavit of Correction stating all the circumstances you found out.
      Also, under the NEW Tax Declaration (revised 2006 from BLGF-DOF), under this new form of tax dec., at the upper left side face of the tax dec., there is a blank space to be fill-up which indicated the “OCT/TCT/CLOA No.:_____________” and the “Date of Issued”:______________” . If this space is still blank, the tax dec. indicate that no entry of titles, there is no problem with this. However, if there are entries, which includes the CLOA title number, the correction should be made.


  69. Good Morning. I would to inquire kasi mayroong ibininta na lupa sa amin under CLOA title and it was based on Mother CLOA. What is mother CLOA, the original title? ano po yong mga necessary document na kailangan ko hingin sa owner to legalize na ako na ang may ari nang lupa? ang pagpasurvey ba with my expense? kasi portion lang po ang bibilhin ko. ano pong yong mga documents na kailangan pra mka kuha ang TCT? at ano po yong DAR clearance? paano makakuha nang DAR clearance? Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Anabel,

      Thank you for visiting our website. CLOA or Certificate of Land Ownership Award ay isang title of a land na issued ito ng DAR under the program of CARP Law. Yong sinasabing “Mother Title” it is basically the same with “Original Certificate of Title” o OCT. Sinasabing itong mother title because once this has been transferred to another owner, ang title na ini-issue ay nagiging “TCT” na o Transfer Certificate of Title”. Iisa lang ang issuance ng OCT, the next succeeding issuance’s are all TCT na. When we buy a real property, the most important documents we must secure are the duly notarized DOS, the original owner’s duplicate copy of the title, tax declarations, receipts of payment of real property tax o amelyar, survey plan of the lot, and all other documents that are related to the land to be acquired. Once you have already bought the property, ikaw na po ang magpapasurvey. So, in your case, portion lang ang nabili mo, you’ll need the “Approved Subdivision Plan” duly approved by DENR-LMS. All you have to do is to hire a geodetic engineer that would do the survey work. Ang surveyor na ang bahalang mag pa approved sa DENR-LMS, ang obligation mo lang ay to pay the surveyor. Without the approved subdivision plan hindi ka makapagpapa-transfer ng title. Ito ay isang mandatory requirement ng ROD. Ang DAR clearance naman ay isang document na kukunin sa DAR office prior to issuance of TCT, ito ay isang requirement rin ng ROD. Lahat ng agricultural land na nagpapa-transfer ay kailangan kumuha ng DAR clearance, ito ay pag determine na ang buyer at seller are complying the with condition of the CARP Law. Meron kasing limitation ang pag bili ng agricultural na lupa na not to exceed 5 hectares. Papaano makaka kuha ng DAR clearance? Just to go the office ng (MARO for Municipal o CARO for CIty), and apply for the said clearance. Meron silang ready form na you have to fill-up at saka may mga documentary requirement rin na you have to provide like the title, tax declarations, certificate of land holding for both the seller and buyer, and also a certification from BARC (Barangay Agrarian Reform Committee).
      With regards to pagkuha ng TCT, sa ROD na po itong pina-process, the requirements are the DOS; Approved subdivision plan; CAR (Cert. Authorizing Registration) as to payment of Capital Gain Tax, Doc. Stamp Tax, Cert. fees; Tax Clearance Certificate (from local treasurer office); Transfer fee; and registration fee sa ROD.


      • Thank you so much.
        Mayroong po sana akong pahabol na katanungan, na discover ko po na ang lupa ay hindi pa fully paid sa Land Bank. Is it safe to buy? Is it possible to process TCT under my name even it is not yet fully paid in Land Bank? Thank you.

      • Dear Anabel,

        With your pahabol na tanong, you must first check the outstanding balance sa Land Bank in that way you may able to know kung mag kano pa ang balance na bayarin. This balance ang magbabayad nito ay ang CLOA beneficiary o ang nag benta sa iyo ng lupa. You must negotiate with the seller na bayaran nya muna ang Land Bank or else kayo na po ang magbabayad nito. If you’ll notice sa title mismo ay may annotation of encumbrance in favor to Land Bank. Its better na ma cancel muna ang annotation sa title bago ito ma issuance ka ng ng bagong TCT. If just in case hindi ito mabayaran, still magkakaroon pa rin ito ng annotation sa TCT title which is you are very much obligated to pay dahil the TCT is already in your name. With regards to safety ba to buy the property na meron pang bayarin sa Land bank? Yes, safe naman ito but the burden sa bayarin ay nasa sa iyo na. Good luck.


  70. Iflow Ket says:

    matanung ko lang po kau sir kc po meron po kaming hinuhulugang lupa sa roxas agricultural land po ito bali pang apat ng po kaming buyer at portion lang po ang nabili naming lupa at naka mother title daw po ang lupaing ito pero sa mga nakabili wala po silang hawak na titulo kung di tax decliration po recently lang po meron pong nakabili doon at lumabas na po ang titulo nila after a month taga DAR daw po ang nag processed nito ang tanung ko po maari po bang ma transfer ang pangalan ng lupa na ito sa amin ?sapat na po ba ang tax decliration na ang nakapangalan ay ang original na may ari ? at deed of sale part din po ba ito ng CLOA ? maraming salamat po

    • Dear Iflow Ket,
      Salamat sa pagbisita mo aming website. Kung legal lahat ang mga documento nyo kahit tax declaration lamang, ito po ay pueding ma-transfer sa pangalan nyo. All you have to do ay dapat e-process mo yan para ma-registro sa ROD. In the process, dapat bayaran mo ang real property tax o amelyar sa local treasury office nyo, at saka ang transfer fee. Sa BIR naman, babayaran mo ang Capital Gain tax at saka ang Documentary stamp tax. Pagkatapos nito, puede ka nang pumunta sa ROD para sa registration sa mga documento mo at sa pag transfer ng titulo.
      And the last question mo na “ang DOS part din po ba ito ng CLOA?”. You have to check mismo carefully kung ang lupang nabili mo ay part sa lupang mentioned sa CLOA title. You can verify it kung ang “lot number” sa tax declaration ay the same sa CLOA title. Also check the indicated owner sa CLOA compare to the tax declaration.


  71. free1217blog says:

    Good day,
    I am thankful to found this..this is very helpful.

    I would like to seek for your advise. I am planning to buy a portion of a cloa lot (1996). The grantee, both the spouses were deceased already. The heirs, took over ownership, among their children, only 3 of them are living.. They decided to sell the land, they executed spa in favor of their brother..they have already ang approved subdivision plan and paid real property tax.n. They are selling it for reasonably low price with the condition that buyer will shoulder all the cost of transfer of title including the taxes to be paid with question is: does this case still needs filing and payment of estate tax first with bir before we can apply for the processing of captal gains tax to ultimately have the CAR in our favor?


    • Dear France,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Before any Deed of Conveyances (DOS,DOD, Extra-Judicial Settlement, etc.) can be registered at the Registry of Deeds (ROD), it is a mandatory requirement that the transferee should pay first for Capital Gain Tax (for Sale), Estate Tax (for inherited property), and the Documentary Stamp Tax. With out the CAR (Certificate Authorizing Registration) from BIR, you cannot register your documents.
      Step in registration of documents: 1. Pay at your local treasury office for the real property tax and request for tax clearance certificate, and pay also the transfer fee; 2. Proceed to local assessor office; request for Certified true copies of tax declarations, land holding certification (time of death) of the deceased owner, certificate of no improvement (if any); 3. Then proceed to the BIR for the payment of Capital Gain Tax (for sale) and Estate Tax (for inherited property) and Docs.Stamp Tax. Once you have completed all the requirements and payment, the BIR will now issued the CAR. After this, you can now proceed to the ROD for the registration of your documents and the transfer of title (TCT).
      By the way, since the owner of the property are already deceased, the BIR shall advice you to produce the Death Certificate from local civil registrar and from NSO (now PSA).

      Once you have already the TCT in your name, it is not yet totally finish in the processing, you must go to again at your local assessor office for the transfer also of tax declaration. This last step is very important because as a real property owner you have an obligation to pay for the annual real property taxes or amelyar.


      • free1217blog says:

        Good day Sir,
        Thank you for your prompt reply.
        Follow up question po. Since the Title is CLOA what are the necessary procedure I have to do at DAR office. Madali lang po ba magrequest ng clearance sa DAR. Anong tawag po sa document na yon? Possible na po ba kami makapagpatitulo individually kasi several buyers po kami kasi pinagawan na po nila ng subdivision plan yong lot..ang di ko pa po sure if naipaapproved ito sa DENR-LMS..I have to check po po. Pero ano po ang dapat na proceso?


      • Dear France,
        Good day. Before you can transfer your documents (DOS) at pag transfer ng title, ang kailangan dito ay ang “DAR Clearance Certificate”. Ito ay isang certification na issued ng DAR certifying that the transferee at transferor has a land holding not more than 5 hectares and therefore ineligible for acquisition and distribution and allowed by retention pursuant to RA-6657. Ang mga requirement ng pagkuha ng DAR Clearance ay; a.) Written request to MARO or CARO; b.) Letter of Indorsement from MARO or CARO; c.) DOS or instrument to be registered at ROD; d.) Copies of OCT/TCT/ Tax Declarations; e.) Affidavit of Transferee stating that he/she and spouse have a total landholding inclusive of the land to be acquired of not more than 5 hectares; f.) Affidavit of Transferor stating that the land subject of the Deed is a retention or portion of the retention area; g.) BARC Certification averring therein that the land is tenanted or not; h.) Provincial Assessor’s Certification of land holding for both transferee and transferor; and i.) Municipal/City Assessor’s Certification of land holding for both transferee and transferor.
        Madali lang ang pag process nito, just complete the requirement from the DAR and then submit it. with regards to individual titling, yes, puede kayong makapag title individually as long as meron kayong approved subdivision plan at saka individual lot technical description. And with regards to the process, this is previously discussed in my first reply.


  72. Iflow Ket says:

    salamat po sagot nyo sa aking mga katanungan pahabol po na tanung
    ang seller po kc naming ay pangatlo na po na may ari at wala parin siyang titulo ang balak po naming ay mag sabay sabay na mag patitulo meron po kaming kakilala na taga DAR sila na daw po daw ang bahala mag pa titulo at mag survery ng lupa na nabili namin ok lang po ba nag pirmahan kami ng DOS na hindi nakalagay ang title number at LOT number lang po ang ilalaga kc nga wala po sila titulo hawak ? pangalawang tanung ano po ang gagawin para mag karoon kami ng claim sa part ng lupa na nabili namin habang nag aantay sa titulo ? kc ang sabi po ng taga DAR baka abutin ng ilang buwan bago matapos ? ok lang po ba nag mag bayad kami ng full payment at mag pirmahan ng DOS kahit lot number lang ang nakalagay ?

    marami pong salamat
    god bless

    • Dear Iflow Ket,
      Good day. Kung wala pang titulo ang nabili mong lupa, puede na yong tax declaration lang. It is legal naman kung tax dec. lang as long as duly notarized ang DOS nyo. Kung legal na lahat ang mag documento, you have to pay na the seller in full. Kung kayo ay mag papa-process sa ibang tao, see to it na you have to follow-up it every time and monitor kung ano ang progress sa mag documento. Sa pag claim ng lupang nabili nyo, have to take possession of it. Kung kailangan lagyan ng fencing, do it, and also you have to visit very often of your property in order to established of your ownership. One more thing also, it is very important that dapat bayaran mo ang real property taxes o amelyar annually.


  73. Dear Sir,
    My father left 10 hectares of agricultural land and we wanted to share among 3 of us brother and sister, however the BIR said we have to pay the ESTATE TAX of all the properties of my father.
    30 hectares of my fathers land already given to farmer beneficiaries under CARP. The problem now is all farmers beneficiaries did not declared their land titles and not paid any Real property tax since 1974. Can we just pay the ESTATE tax of the properties that we will sharing.
    Thank you,

    • Dear Jun,
      Thank you for visiting our website. In order that you would be able to subdivide or settle among your brother and sister the real properties of your parents you have to be cleared first at the BIR for the payment of Estate Tax (ET). The payment of ET were base on the time of death of the property owner, if in your case that during the time of death of your father, the properties were not yet given to the beneficiaries of the CARP then definitely the heirs should pay the ET as mandated by the law. However, if in case the land was already given prior to his death, there is no need to pay the ET. The land that was under CARP is now to be excluded for the computation of ET. Consequently, you would need to show documentary proof that the portion of the land was under CARP. You can get a certification and other relevant documents at your local DAR office for this purposes.


  74. edmund bugay says:

    Dear Sir,
    Hope this site was still active.
    Meron po kami nabili na property under CLOA and meron mortgage provision po. Nabili po namin sa tenant, pero ndi naman po sila ang nagmortgage nito kundi ung Benefactor (A Paper Pulp Company. Possible po ba na before pa ma award sa tenant ang CLOA ay mamortgage eto. Medyo confused po kami now na possible na maging hindrance eto sa pagtransfer ng title under our name.

    It seems po na bago pa man maipasok sa CARP ang lupa ay naimortgage na po ito. Kindly advise us what to do po if my remedy pa po ba kami?

    Pwede rin po ba matransfer sa pangalan namin un pero with the same mortgage provision? Paano po naman ma clear ung mortgate provision?

    Salamat po. God bless.

    • Dear Edmund,
      Thank you for visiting our website. I understand that prior to the distribution or award of that property to the tenant beneficiary of CARP, the subject property were already mortgaged, because the title has an annotation of encumbrances. To remedy the situation, you should get the Certificate of Release of Mortgage from the bank or from the mortgagee lending office kung saan ito ipinag-guarantee sa pag loan. Provided dito na it is already fully paid, or else ikaw na ang magbabayad ng remaining balance nito. Kung meron ka ng Certificate of Release of Mortgage, dadalhin mo ito together with the original CLOA title sa ROD for the cancellation of mortgage. Dito sa orginal title, ang ROD will annotate na cancelled na ang encumbrances na ito.
      Puede rin po kayong mag pa transfer ng title into your name by not clearing first the encumbrances o mortgage provision, ang problema lang still it will carry over ang annotation of mortgage sa title mo. Since, your are already the absolute owner of the property, the burden is in your hand. So, its better to clear first the title of any encumbrances before you transfer that into your name. One more thing, if just in case meron pa po itong annotation of encumbrances sa title, medyo mahihirapan ka kung gagamitin mo na ito sa pag personal loan mo.
      And lastly, kung cancelled na po ang mortgage sa title, you should go to also to your local assessor office to file for the cancellation of mortgage ng tax declaration. Importante din po ito dahil you cannot transfer (revised) the tax declaration kung meron pang annotation of mortgage.

      Good luck.


  75. Nel EShop says:

    Hello. We will buy a land with CLOA under the name of the deceased husband. The wife is the one selling it to us. The CLOA was awarded in 1995. Can we immediately proceed with the Deed of Absolute Sale and then the CTC with only the signature of the the wife? Thank you.

    • Dear Nel,
      Thank you for visiting our website. If the property is a “conjugal property” of both of the spouses, then the wife can directly sale it, and you can now prepare already the Deed of Sale. However, if it is not, the wife could not sale it to you. It should be the sibling who can perform of such sale. To check if it is a conjugal property, you can see directly at the CLOA title if it has indicated the owner’s name with notation that “married to” marking. Or you can ask the seller the condition of ownership of that property.


  76. Magandang gabi po. Magtatanong po ako about sa nabili kong Lupa na under ng CLOA at naiward sa may ri nung 1995. Ang kabuuang sukat po ay humigit kumulang na 3 ektarya. Nakabili po ako ng 500 sq. meters sa knila noong 2013. Ngayon po ay gusto ko ng magpatitulo para maipalagay na sa aking pangalan ang nabili kong lupa. May nakapagsabi po sakin hindi ko raw po maipapangalan yun sakin pag akoy nagpatitulo kasi di aaprovan ng DAR ang subdivision plan kasi agricultural yun at hindi residential. Totoo po ba yun? Ano po kaya ang maganda kong gawin? Maraming Salamat po sa inyong Pagtugon.

    • Dear Francis,
      Salamat sa pagbisita mo sa aming website. Ang subdivision plan na prepared ng isang surveyor ang approval nito ay hindi po sa DAR kundi sa LMS-DENR (Land Management Service). During po sa pag process for titling kailangan nyo po ng DAR Clearance, since ang nabili mong lupa ay intended for residential kailangan mo muna ng “Land Conversion” na dito rin sa DAR pina-process. Dito ka na magkaka problema dahil hindi ito maa-approve ng DAR, unless otherwise you can proved na ang lupang ito ay hindi na po economically feasible and sound for agricultural purposes. One more thing, kailangan mo rin ma “re-classify” ang property mo dahil ang nakalagay sa tax declaration, ito po ay isa ring agricultural land, you need to submit a petition sa local sangguniang (council)ninyo para ma-reclassify ito. Ito po ay isand ordinance na gagawin ng local sangguniang ninyo. You can check or verify sa local Planning Development Office (MPDC or CPDC) for the present land classification sa lupang nabili mo.


  77. Rech Lis says:

    Good day sir. Ask ko lang po, may binibili po kaming lupa under CLOA, 1994 po yung date na nasa TCT. Nagbayad na po kami ng downpayment then yung remaining po ay installment for ilang months, kaya po meron po kami Contract to Sell. Ang concern ko po, yung owner na naka appear po sa TCT at yung seller ay different persons. Yung seller na ka transact po namin ay may SPA naman po galing dun sa owner na nasa TCT. Wala po ba magiging problema in the future pag itatransfer na po yung property sa amin after namin mag execute nung AIF ng Deed of Sale? Then sa likod po ng TCT may annotation po na yung CLOA is encumbered in favor of Land Bank. Ano po legal implications nun? Salamat po.

    • Dear Rech,
      Thank you for visiting our website. Firstly, you verify sa SPA nya kung hanggang saan ba ang kanyang authority sa ibinigay na SPA. Kasi suppose to be the Seller ang nakalagay sa contract of sale,hindi yung may SPA, unless otherwise it was stated sa contract of sale he has the full authority to do so at saka at duly notarised naman siguro ito ng lawyer. Wala naman itong magiging problem, pero sa pag prepare ng DOS dapat ang “Seller” na ang dapat ang nakalagay sa dokumento.
      With regards sa annotation san likod ng title, it means na hindi pa fully paid ang benefeciary ng CLOA. Meron pa pong babayarin sa Land Bank. Kung ikaw mismo ang makabili nitong lupa, ikaw na rin po ang mag babayad nito.To clarify the issue, you must visit the office of the Land Bank. Wala naman itong mga legal implications, pero for the peace of mind ipa-clear muna ito ng Seller para ma-cancel ang annotation of encumbrance.


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